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  1. 0 I have been a SICU nurse for 2 years and some change and love it! I wanted to move to Richmond VA and possibly work at MCV. What ICU is the best there in your opinion? The place I work now has great teamwork which really makes it a joy to work there. I want to try to keep that at my next place I work. MCV is a level 1 trauma center which my current facility is not. Any advice? I'm willing to learn and can be taught. I just want to be the best nurse I can be and enjoy my job.
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    I haven't heard anything bad about MCV ever. So, I'm thinking anywhere you work there will be good. However, UVA i've heard a few crazy stories. I guess the big thing is to see where they are accepting employment and go from there, once you've got a job there you can hopefully move around to where you truly want.

    Hope you can find a job you want, because MCV is a good hospital to work at, I think.
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    I have worked as a Hem/Onc RN at MCV for 3 years. I also worked as a care partner for a year and attended nursing school at VCU/MCV. I have never worked in any of the ICUs, but many of my former classmates work in the various ICUs. I also interact with ICU RNs frequently when I transfer pts to a higher level of care. I think MCV has great ICUs, just depends on what kind of setting or specialty you prefer. We have the Neuroscience ICU, Burn ICU, Surgical/Trauma (they see some crazy things there), cardiac/cardiothoracic, and medical-respiratory. I would try to get a tour of the unit(s) you are interested in and get a feel for how each unit works.
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    does anyone have mcv recruitment agency phone number?

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