Prior bachelors..Are there programs for RN to DNP in VA? Prior bachelors..Are there programs for RN to DNP in VA? | allnurses

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Prior bachelors..Are there programs for RN to DNP in VA?

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    I have been doing some real soul searching on my future. I actually already have my bachelors fr ODU in exercise science. I always just knew I was going to podiatry school and now after working as a podiatry assistant from Aug to now, I am BORED! I have been looking into the nursing profession and love the flexibility with the different types of nurses you can be. I also have many nursing mentors and friends that have suggested I get into nursing. After shadowing them, learning more n more about nursing and appreciating the field more, I think this is for me. So, I have already applied to my Community college and a university in NOVA. I have not heard from Marymount but I already got accepted into my community college. I am now sooo excited but I am wandering is there anyway after I get my RN that I can continue to get my DNP, due to the fact that I already have a bachelors. I am I doing this all backwards but I wanted to know if there are schools that offer this in VA. When I was looking online I have not ran into any programs in VA. Also if there are any DNP students or FNP that want to share their story I would love to hear about it!!! Thanks!!
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    There are currently 5 universities in Virginia that offer the DNP. Old Dominion and UVa both require a MSN degree and advanced certification for entry to their DNP programs. Radford, Shenandoah and Marymount all offer BSN-DNP options.

    There are no DNP programs in Virginia that enroll students with only an associate's degree in nursing regardless of another bachelor's degree.

    You should plan on getting a BSN or completing a RN-MSN program before entering a DNP degree in Virginia.