NVCC RN program - How long did it take you to finish pre-reqs?

  1. I am really interested in the nursing program at NVCC and was wondering for others, how long it took you to finish your pre-requisites? I have some from a previous college I attended (not my bachelor's, but associate's) and am current attending taking Bio, then Chem and NAS in the next semesters.

    I would really like to go for the accelerated program but saw online that the deadline for that is when I will still be taking NAS 162. I work full-time now and go to school full-time so I do feel burned out a little.

    As for the computer class required (or placement test), do you guys recommend I just do the comptency test first and if I don't do well, to take a comp class? Or just go ahead and take the computer class anyway?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Shanimal
    I was able to do my pre-requisites in a year, and knocked out all of the co-requisites by the end of the summer. Save yourself some money and don't take the computer class unless you really want to or don't pass the computer competency test. It's pretty basic, and you only need something like a 74% to pass. You can get a review sheet of the skills you need know by doing a search on the NVCC website. Also, if you've taken high school biology and chemistry within the past 10 years and earned at least a C in each, you only need to take NAS. This may not apply to you, but figured I should let you know since I've met a few students who ended up taking more courses than they had to. Good luck!
  4. by   Flames9_RN
    Think it took me a yr! I didnt go hardcore at it though! I graduated May 2009, we were the last class that where everyone got accepted,lol So GPA didnt matter!

    The computer exam is really easy! If you look on the NVCC webpage you used to be able to find what was on it! It is very basic! The 1 program that I had no clue on was Excel, and just by going through what I found on the NVCC page I passed! Like 1 question how does 1 delete a MS Word document that u save on ur computer!! lol Another you had to demonstrate clicking on an object and dragging it to the Recycle bin!! For the most part very basic!!
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    Hi! It looks like we're enrolled in the same course for the fall at NVCC. Good Luck with your classes.
    I also have an associates (my is from NVCC) and the computer course that is a prereq. was required for the associates, I had taken the online course for my A.S. and it was easy (back then they didn't offer a test). Anyhow, you might find once they evaluate your transcripts that a computer course required for you associates meets the prereq. for nursing.
    good luck
  7. by   Nova74
    what about if the Chem that i took in high school was more than 10 years ago, do i have to retake it ? please advise anyone?
  8. by   Flames9_RN
    You can email them at annursing@nvcc.edu OR

    it may be answered in the information session that you can watch online



    One has to take certain College level courses--and I think its the college level ones that have to be within 10 yrs. I graduated High school in 1991 and didnt start NVCC until 2007, which is well over 10 yrs!! Lots of info on the above links. Good luck