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Has anyone been through the ADN program at Northern Virginia Community College? I am trying to decide if I want to get my associates (have an MBA so I don't know if a BSN would be beneficial since other posters have said you... Read More

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    I've been told that hospitals more and more want to hire BSNs, not ADNs when they're fresh out of school - at least here in the DC area. Though I don't dispute that ADN's and BSN's start out at the same level of clinical experience: zip.

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    I know NVCC and GMU both have highly competitive nursing programs, does anyone know of other schools in the NOVA area? I know Marymont has a program, but I think they're also a lot more expensive. I live in Herndon, but with how competitive nursing school is, I'm thinking about applying to schools in Richmond and maybe even farther away. It's just so stress to think about the uncertainty.

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