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  1. Hi,

    I am currently applying to the Online Hybrid Nursing Program at NOVA for Summer 2010 and was curious to hear from anyone who is currently in the program or accepted. I keep hearing that it is terribly, terribly competitive and am curious, for those who were/are accepted, what your test scores/and GPA looked like when you applied? Also, I would love to hear how you are liking the program, any observations you have--especially how rough the summer sessions are...


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  3. by   Leezy
    i am applying for the same and have the same questions :-)
  4. by   bowlofsurreal
    I wish you luck! Looks like we will hear back within the next week or two as the Orientation is the 13th. I'm anxiously awaiting that letter .

    I did find a few posts on here that mention the program at NOVA, but they are from late 2008. Essentially what I have read from the posts is for the NUR classes the lectures are through enova. You attend them at set times, but you attend via the web. I also read that clinicals the first semester are generally at long term care facilities. That is about all I could find...

    Hope we both make it!
  5. by   Leezy
    Well I got a letter this Saturday saying that their program is now full. Not sure what that means but i guess im not getting in for this summer... That stinks. Hope you made it! GL
  6. by   bowlofsurreal
    I received the same letter, I think. It said that I would be contacted if any spaces open up due to anyone dropping out and that I should await further letters about applying for the fall program.

    I have a 3.9 GPA, have all the co-requisites finished, and scored above 90% on all areas of the TEAS, so the folks who got in had to have 4.0s and better TEAS scores. Crazy.

    I also heard from someone at the MEC campus that the nursing program reduced the track from 60 to 30, so I imagine that is another reason it has been so competitive.

    Good luck to you! Maybe I will see you in the fall,

  7. by   RETOBX
    I received the letter stating the program was full as well. Bummer. The online program last year (2009) consisted of 40 students. They admitted 17 students for 2010! Can you believe it?? It just does'nt seem right. The fact that there were only going to be so few spots should have been announced to students....makes me want to do an accelerated BS program when the graduation date is May 2012 for an assoc degree.
  8. by   bowlofsurreal
    Wow, only 17 students? If I had know it was that many I wouldn't have had my hopes up so high. And yes, the fall 2012 graduation feels terrible. In the interim I am thinking about getting my CNA so I can at least get some clinical experience prior to classes starting (I hope). This is experience is making me wonder if I have a chance for fall at NOVA, but unfortunately most of the program deadlines for other schools in the area have passed for the fall semester, whereas others have wait lists. I keep telling myself I should be happy I'm not back home in CA. I have friends with 4.0s who were on two year waiting lists to get into RN programs there.
  9. by   RETOBX

    My understanding is that last year's NVCC traditional program was easy to get in. It should be a no brainer for you with your accomplishments academically and with your Teas results. I have heard (not verified but from a reliable source) there were 200 applicants and 180 got into the 2009 traditional program. NVCC has been hit with a 25% reduction for their operating budget from the state of VA...so maybe there are only going to be 100 spots?? I have no idea, but it is a question that indeed can be posed to the nursing department. You should be OK. What I have learned from this experience is to apply elsewhere though. I'm heading to Marymount today with understanding that a 2nd deadline for the fall accelerated 2nd degree program is Friday April 9th. Have you heard anything about the 2nd degree program for this fall at Marymount being full?? I am not excited about spending the money but I have to get going with this degree!!

  10. by   2011RNtobe
    I got the same letter! Was very dissapointed but I also applied for the traditional program. If none of that works out, I hope I get into Montgomery college of Lord Fairfax ccommunity college. I will start applying to BSN programs once I finish Statistics and college chemistry/Organic chem. Good luck to you all
  11. by   summer03
    I heard that almost 100 applicants to the Fall Traditional program were not initially accepted and will have to wait. Pretty much only VA students supposedly have gotten in. I had a 3.8 and my bachelors and live in the area and I was still worried and grateful to get in.
  12. by   Meg73
    I am curious whether anyone knows how many spaces are available in the Spring 2011 Hybrid Program given that they only admitted 17 out of 90 into the Summer 2010 Program. Thanks!
  13. by   summer03
    My understanding is that it could very well be the same this coming spring, as the program gets more and more competetive, especially for the Accelerated. It is a combination of less funding leading to less offerings and more demand caused by the continued economic stress. Initially I was going to apply for the Accelerated in-person, but it was dropped. My learning style is more geared towards in-person than online, so I did not apply for the hybrid. With all my non-nursing courses completed, a GPA of 3.8, passing my TEAS the first time with overall scores at the 75th percentile, a Bachelor's already, and as a permanent local resident, I am still not confident I would have been accepted into the Accelerated. As I said, I feel lucky to get into the Traditional.

    I saw that they just accepted the Momentum students and have been more than once asking those just accepted into the 2010 Traditional to let them know if you also got into and were choosing Momentum or some program in another school. They have indicated there is a sizable wait list for the 2010 Traditional and want to free up as many spots and as quickly as possible from those going elsewhere. I am so happy to be staying in the Traditional!
  14. by   summer03
    I just had orientation and they sure do seem oriented towards teaching you the rules! I am trying to decide whether to buy my books at the NVCC book store or online, like at Amazon. I know online is way cheaper, but they said that the book store has pass codes include that you will need, but not get online. Anybody have any experiences or suggestions? Thanks.