NOVA Clinical locations??

  1. I am in the process of completing my pre-reqs for the LPN-RN transition program at NOVA. I was wondering where the RN students do clinicals? I live in Stafford, which is not very far north, and I am concerned that some of the clinical locations are going to be really far from me!
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
    I graduated May 2009, so things have prob changed. And I have thrown out all my school notes that had the locations! I know most of the INOVA hospitals are used, reston hospital, Virginia hospital, clinic at bailey crossroads, another clinic in louden. Al are in the Northern VA area. I knew a few ex-classmates and they lived in stafford, and they survived!
  4. by   LaurenLPN
    Thanks for the info, I figured they'd be a ways up but just needed a general idea shere due to childcare scheduling and what-not. Thanks again!
  5. by   bowlofsurreal

    I start the RN program at NOVA this fall. The first semester the staff assigned my clinical rotations--after this semester I will choose my sites based on preferences (day, time, clinical site). The first year the clinicals are 1 day a week and the second year you can have one 14 hour shift or two 7 hour shifts. I live in Arlington and this first semester I have a rotation in Manassas for 4 weeks, another in Reston, and the final one is in Falls Church. I have a list of locations for this semester, but I don't think it is a complete list of all the clinical sites used but I will post it here for you to give you some idea:

    Culmore Network Clinic
    Franconia Family Resource Center
    Greenspring Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Inova Fairfax
    Inova Mt. Vernon
    Inova Commonwealth Center
    Loudon Free Clinic
    Manassas Community Network Clinic
    Manassas Long Term Care Facility
    Prince William Hospital
    Reston Hospital
    Virginia Hospital Center

    Hope this helps and Good luck!
  6. by   Flames9_RN
    When it comes time to pick your own clinicals, BE READY at the computer to pick them! The highly desired ones (best instructors) go within SECONDS!!!! Have ur desired clinicals already in youyr checkout basket and at the desired time, submit and be ready to resubmit and have a backup plan ready!!! As i'm serious, those 8 clinical spots are gone within a blink of an eye!! As well, ensure you have no overdue books, if you do, the system won't allow you to register!! On blackboard (VCCS Student information system) under STUDENT CENTER, ensure thats allok (no over due books, if your from another country, ur status is up to date, etc) if something is in red,it may not allow you to register for a class, which really sucks,lol The secretary is the one that on-locks the system so that everyone can register. I did the culmore clinic, it was fun, 99% of the pts only speak Spanish!!
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    This is such great information!

  8. by   bowlofsurreal
    Quote from flames9
    Have ur desired clinicals already in youyr checkout basket and at the desired time, submit and be ready to resubmit and have a backup plan ready!!!
    I did this for this semesters classes. I clicked the button at 10:01 (got my classes), by 10:05 the classes I wanted were filled. Craziness!

    Thanks again for all your tips! Did you happen to take Medical Spanish? I'm thinking of taking it and it sounds like I might be able to use it a bit at Culmore.
  9. by   Flames9_RN
    No, didn't take nay spanish classes! Soem classes have no students that speak Spanish and they survive!! Its very basic assessments that you do there. Was a fun clinical!! If there was down time, we would send one person out to pick up lunch or goto dunkins!! As well you can buy those small pocket sized Medical Spanish books!! The publisher "Nursing made incredibly easy" puts out one, among others!! We had 1 gal that spoke Spanish, so she was very handy,lol Funny thing was that I would take my time with that Spanish pocket book and feel I got back good responses! The pt would then go into see the Nurse practioner (our instructor) with the Spanish speaking student helping her-----And they would get very different responses from the pt,lol! As i stated, Culmore clinic is a fun place,doing very basic assessments and many school physicals! Its meant for people with no insurance, and in that area its primarily Spanish people, which are very nice and soo thankful for everything! You get the odd idiot who shows up in a new Mercedes! If ya can afford a Mercedes, you can afford insurance, but you still assess them!!

    AS well when it coems to signing up for clinicals---KEEP CHECKING!!!! I found openings for others!! Peoples commitments change so they have to switch clinicals!! So keep checking over and over and over!!!