NEED ADVICE... Applying for ECPI/MCI RN Program, Richmond, VA

  1. I am moving to Richmond VA from Raleigh NC and I am thinking of enrolling in ECPI/MCI's Rn program. I want to be sure though that once I am done I will be able to find a job. Does anyone know anyone who has completed this program and can tell me if they had problems finding a job? Also, I'd like to hear from people who have attended or are attending this school's RN program and can give me some advice.

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  3. by   KingsMommy
    Hey SunniGirl,
    i was wondering if you are applying to mci- I am taking a pre-req this summer and pretty sure I am going to go through with the RN program but I just wanted to know your thoughts and what you have learned

    I am going days at West End

  4. by   sunnigirl
    Hi Gabby, I plan on taking pre-reqs this summer as well. I will be attending days at West End also. I have heard so many good things as well as bad things about their program but I believe that it is what works for each person individually. I am excited about it!

    I don't know much about Richmond, are you from Richmond?
  5. by   KingsMommy
    Yes I am from Richmond and have lived here all of my life. Its pretty typical- the subs are cookie cutter and the city has nice areas and bad streets so you just have to be careful. I am also excited about starting and am taking Chemistry starting June 14 8-1. Then taking the other one in Auguest

    Let me know if you have any more questions about Richmond

  6. by   sunnigirl
    Well, it's all set, I will be moving to Chester in July. (We actually will sign the lease and pick up keys this weekend). My husband will be going up ahead of us to get things settled. He will be up in a week or so. I took the Math and Reading parts of the TEAS. I scored extremely well on the Reading and not so well on Math. I've done some studying and will retake it on Monday along with the Science and English portions. I am very nervous about the Science section. I can't seem to wrap my head around what exactly to study. I fear studying all the wrong things. Any advice about this would be helpful.

  7. by   momto5kiddos
    I am taking the chem starting tomorrow too. but taking it at 5:30pm for the evening class. I am hoping to pass that and make the RN class that starts Aug 30th. anyone else doing nights?
  8. by   sweetie39
    I am interested in the program, do anyone have anymore information abot the program and cost for LPN transitioning to RN. I called but they don't give out any information over the phone.
  9. by   momto5kiddos
    there is no transfering. LOL. there are actually about 5 LPN's in my class. a couple even came from MCI. they have to do the whole thing like everyone else.

    if you want to do a bridge, you should pick another school if you don't want to do the whole RN program.