NAs 161 or BIO 141 at NVCC?

  1. I already took micro, chemistry in my previous degree. I just need to meet the A&P requirement for NVCC's nursing program. I'm debating between BIO 141/142 and the NAS 161/162 courses. Which should I take?

    I kind of don't want a review of something I've already learned and I would like to be a bit more challenged. Would BIO 141 be a better choice then? I have no idea which class I'd enjoy more.

    I'm guessing NAS 161 would be easier than BIO 141?
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Are you thinking of pursuing a BSN eventually? Some area RN-BSN programs do not accept NAS 161/162 in fulfillment of the A&P requirement for a BSN degree.

    You might want to check with some of the BSN programs if you are thinking of pursuing that degree in the future.
  4. by   WillLeads2Way
    Yes, I plan to enroll as soon as I complete the ADN. I was agonizing over this very thing last night! I looked up several schools in the area that offer RN-BSN. Honestly, I just see myself going to GMU (I'm a 2-time alum (BS/MS) so I'm pretty comfortable going there lol). They accept NAS for A&P only if you're already a RN, which is my plan. Marymount also accepts NAS and so does UMD. Only crappy thing about Maryland is that they make RNs take the TEAS....a little odd to me. Their FAQs state that RNs with an associates still need to take the TEAS but it doesn't say whether or not you need to take the TEAS if you already have a Bachelors in another field. I plan to call them today.

    Since this is about 3 schools, I think that I'd be okay but I'm not sure! I have until next Monday when classes start to make a decision. I kind of wanted to have VCU as a contender but they don't accept NAS for A&P. However, I think my chances of choosing them over GMU are very slim. (I wouldn't move there; their RN-BSN is online with 1 class in person across different locations in VA)
  5. by   bowlofsurreal
    I would take BIO 141, 142 and CHEM 111, and Microbiology if you can swing it. I think taking NAS could potentially hinder you if you plan to go on post ADN. Most area programs (including George Mason) are transitioning to no longer accepting the NAS courses which are a combo of anatomy/physiology and micro geared toward health science majors. I'm a senior nursing student at NVCC (graduate in May) and I took all the above classes plus Chem 112 as my plan is to to go on to NP MSN. I didn't have a problem taking them in 2 semesters. BIO 141/142 are also offered online with virtual dissection, which may be something to think about if you are working and taking pre-reqs at the same time.

    good luck!
  6. by   WillLeads2Way
    Thanks for the feedback. I have micro, chem, and a bunch of other bios from my previous Biology degree from Mason. One of the accelerated programs I applied to in the area (plan is NVCC but applied anyway) doesnt take 141/142 but accepts NAS 161/162. they'd rather you take the 200 level A&P at NVCC or NAS...weird right? I know...

    Your note makes me a little worried being that RIGHT NOW mason says they will accept NAS 161/162 as A&P for their RN-BSN program. (This is only IF you ALREADY have your RN license). This is what I plan to do (get the associates from NVCC, get RN license, then apply to GMU's RN-BSN). I hope they dont change this!!

    I am happy for you to be graduating soon!