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  1. Hi Everyone,

    After 8 years of working in a field I hate, electronics, and getting a Bachelors in something I do not want to do, Technical Management, I am hopefully about to start the RN program at MCI in Newport News in January 2011.

    I have all my pre-req's except for Chemistry which I start tomorrow. I originally signed up for the Medical Radiography program but after volunteering at the VA Medical Center in Hampton I found that nursing is my true calling. I love working in the OR and ER, I love dealing directly with patients, I love the fact that there are a million RN jobs in my area, and I love the fact that there are so many different directions to go in with the nursing field.

    I am just looking for some honest reviews on the program from some current and former students. I have heard a lot of the good and the bad, but with my situation I feel this school is the best choice for me. The price does not affect me because I have the GI Bill, I have no kids and a great husband so I know I can get through it, the fast pace of the classes is relatively similar to the fast paced electronics classes I took for a year in the Navy, and I am comfortable with accelerated classes since my Bachelors is from DeVry.

    Also if anyone out there is going to be starting this January I would love to network with you.

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  3. by   jojox82
    Hey Chris,

    You and I have A LOT in common! I was also in the Navy and will be using my GI Bill for MCI's RN program here in Richmond (hopefully) with a start date of January 24th. My husband and I don't have any kids yet either, so now is the perfect time for me to go back to school. I'm in the chemistry course now as well.

    Let's get in touch!
  4. by   Dvldlphn32

    Good luck with your program out there! I just finished Chemistry, which I found to be pretty challenging, but I was able to get a 95 for my final class grade. My academic adviser says I have a pretty strong package, so I am hopeful I will get accepted. Our interviews start in Dec and the program on Jan 24th.

    You can email me at Look forward to hearing from you!