MCI LPN Program

  1. Hey All.
    Just wondering what I can expect the first week of classes. I start March 30th!!
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  3. by   CrystalgLPN
    I am currently in the old 18month LPN program. The program youre in has 5 week mods, and mine has 7 1/2 wk mods. Expect to learn a lot everday, Expect to get lots of paperwork. Expect to possibly have a test the first week. Its fast paced. Its fun. Its interesting. Take it all in and enjoy it. Study hard and do your best.
  4. by   koolau
    I was in the 12-month days program, the first week we had at least one test. Be prepared to be given an abundance of information, and have loads of homework.

    It may have changed with the curriculum you are in now, but the new students from before I graduated still said their was a heavy workload. If I am still thinking right, yours is the 14-month? The classes are broken up in a different arrangement to try and make it a bit less demanding, but it is still an accelerated course.

    Just be prepared to learn tons of things, and have fun.

    Make friends, You will get lectured about sticking together and helping each other out. My class thankfully did, after a few mods. People will naturally look for others to bond with in the course, so just be yourself and work hard!
  5. by   hopeful10
    Thanks Guys! I am so nervous but excited! I am going to be in the 12-month evening program! Plus I work full time
  6. by   hopeful10
    O I also wanted to know. How are the classes the 1st couple weeks? In general will it be Monday thru Friday 5:30-10:30 or what was it for you guys??
  7. by   koolau
    I know for the day classes it was pretty much always up to the time limit, getting out early was 30 min before the end of the day.

    Classes throughout the program are generally fast paced and packed with a lot of homework and information to learn. It flies by, and you think you aren't learning it but you will be amazed when you first speak "nurse". lol
  8. by   CrystalgLPN
    The evening program is 530 - 1030 M - Th and Sat/Sundays for classes or clinicals every weekend or every other weekend. It depends on the required hours for the classes/clinical rotation youre in.
  9. by   leighand30
    Hi hopeful10- I am hoping you can anwser some quick questions about the March 30th classes at MCI.
    Did you sign up for the evening or the day program? If day, what is your schedule? And the dreaded question- what is the tuition like?

    Thanks so much and good luck! :wink2:
  10. by   hopeful10
    Hello! I am going to be at the richmond one for night classes. Im not sure what my schedule is yet I dont find out until next week. I believe the day programs and pretty much 8-4:30 m-f.....My tuition is $29000
  11. by   Mom2Cassidy
    I start at MCI in May. I am so excited. I am also taking the evening classes. My classes are going to be M-F 5:30-10:30 for the first 20 weeks then in goes to 3 days a week till 11pm and clinicals on the weekends. No idea so far when the clinicals will be or what times, they just told me to be flexible.

    My tuition is also $29,000. BUT I am not paying nearly that much after apply for aid and scholarships! IMO, the advisors really tried hard to get me all they could and make school possible for me! GL!!!
  12. by   sarahwilliams22
    Are you referring to Medical Careers Institute in Richmond, VA?
  13. by   YDGB15
    Good luck to you all! I'm applying for the next class in july! I have to do the math portion of the TEAS Test on Thursday and then I will interview with the DON, and they will make their decision. Since I'm already a surgical technologist I hope they'll look at that as me trying to take a step forward. I'm excited about it! I'm in charlotte and it's called ecpi here. Too bad they won't take all my credits! God knows I don't wish to repeat A&P again, but I will make the best of it anyhow! Hey it's a part of nursing, and that makes me happy!:1luvu: SMOOCHES!
  14. by   sarahwilliams22
    I graduated from Richmond West in February.. I loved it there. I took my NCLEX yesterday and I PASSED! Good luck to all of you!!