Marymount University ABSN Fall 2013

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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have applied for the first review for Marymount University? I called about 2 weeks ago and an advisor told me that I had everything in but online it says application incomplete? I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem?
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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a forum for those who have applied to Marymount University for Fall 2013. Anyone else waiting to hear back?
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    No, I'm not having that problem. My application says that all required questions have been completed and my application has been successfully submitted. Maybe you should try calling again and speak to a different advisor.
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    I am! I guess we'll hear in the next few days or so, right?
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    I'm still waiting as well!!!
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    Yeah! I called yesterday and they said anytime after Friday (today)...hopefully its by email because im home for Spring Break :/
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    It's by mail! I got mine -- I'm in! yay!!
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    Ahhh Congrats!!!! I still haven't found out Where do you live by any chance? I live in Florida so maybe Ill get the mail on Monday hopefully!
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    Quote from ersoch
    It's by mail! I got mine -- I'm in! yay!!
    Congratulations ersoch!

    Are you from the DC area? It looks like they send out notifications 3 weeks after the deadline, with DC area applicants getting a response a day or so after the projected notification date (March 8 for 1st review; April 26 for 2nd review). So.... I won't know anything until April 26.... darn.
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    I do live in the DC area, and I was part of the 1st review. It shouldn't take too long to get to Florida, though! Maybe Monday or Tuesday?