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Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have applied for the first review for Marymount University? I called about 2 weeks ago and an advisor told me that I had everything in but online it... Read More

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    Is anyone attending Marymount for Fall '13 looking for a roommate?
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    I am a student at MU, getting ready to complete my final semester of the ABSN program (Fall 13). You will definitely need a car in order to get to clinicals. Sometimes they are as far away as MD or DC. You cannot complete the program any faster than 4 semesters. It is a very regimented program. If you start this fall, you will go Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall. Each semester costs approximately $14k with all of the fees and such. So you are realistically looking at $56k-ish. Your busiest semester will be 18 credit hours and the fewest you will take will be 14 credit hours. It is fast paced and challenging. All this being said, I have really and truly enjoyed my experience at Marymount. If you work hard and respect the knowledge and experience of the professors/clinical instructors, you can get the most out of the program. There are always complainers who hate this or hate that. They're whiners...ignore that garbage. Keep your head down, work hard and you will do great! Good luck!
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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is applying for spring 2014? I submitted my application recently and was wondering if anyone could give me information on the program. What is the class schedule and clinicals like? I've heard mixed reviews about the second degree program, can anyone give me advice that is in the program now? Thanks!
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    I have also applied for spring 2014. Haven't gotten any answers yet? Did you have to take the Teas?
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    We're supposed to hear back sometime this week fingers crossed! I didn't take the Teas they said I was exempt from it. Have you gotten your letter yet, they told me they were mailed out Friday.
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    Letters were sent out Friday but I haven't gotten anything even though I'm 30 minutes away from MU. Someone got their letter on Saturday though: Marymount ABSN Spring 2014
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    Yeah I saw that, makes me a little worried. I'm very close to Marymount as well and still haven't received it either so at least we're in the same boat.
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    I received mine in the mail today, I was deferred until fall 2014.
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    Dang, sorry! I still haven't gotten anything... when was your letter postmarked?
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    morning all.... I just got accepted into the spring term 2014 for the marymount ABSN. I am from Jersey and was wondering if anyone is possibly looking into getting a roommate?