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Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have applied for the first review for Marymount University? I called about 2 weeks ago and an advisor told me that I had everything in but online it says application incomplete? I... Read More

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    Quote from kmp23
    HI! I just got accepted to another school the day after I submit my deposit...Ofcourse this would happen. Im still deciding on which school to choose from. Has anyone visited the school yet? The other school I got into was Umass Amherst and I know its less money all around but I love the city aspect and area of arlington...Decisions decisions. Anyone have advice?
    Well I called the financial aid office yesterday and asked if they offered any kind of scholarship or grant money. They told me no, only federal loan or private loan. In my case that would be $12500 for the school yr.(federal) and it's alittle over 50k for the program, not including books, supplies, health insurance, or living expenses. It's already expensive to live in that area. So that concluded my choice to go to Shenandoah university, although that program more expensive but I got some scholarships, grants, and work study along with the federal loan. I would still have to get a small loan or work overtime to cover other cost but I would be in a lot less debt when I complete the program. So, find out what the other school has to offer as far as financial aid, compare the cost of both schools, and go from there.

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    Thank you for your advice. I think I am planning on attending Umass Amherst just from the financial aspects of Marymount. This is a hypocritical statement. With that being said, If I get into NYU I believe I will chose there just for the diversity and hospitals around that location. But the money is a huge factor as well as not having a car.
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    Congratulations to everyone got into Marymount (and other schools)!

    Question for those who were accepted (so far): How many recommendation letters did you send in with your application?
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    I made my decision and I will be attending Marymount for the Fall '13 program. Will anyone else be looking for housing? I plan to find a place somewhat close to school and hopefully with a roommate or two.

    Also, I had two letters of recommendation with my app.
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    Selisa- The online app only allows 2 LORs but I couldn't decide which ones I wanted so I did 2 online and 1 in the mail...I don't know if they even looked at the one in the mail.

    chidachs1- What made your decision? and Have you seen the school? Im just on the fence between 2 schools.
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    Kmp23- Yes, I visited the campus about a year ago. Arlington is a nice location. The other school I was deciding between was great but far, and I have family in the area so that's really what helped me make my decision. I took a look around the building where nursing classes are held and everything looked fairly new. They were on break at the time so I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone except advisors in admissions.
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    Thanks guys! My application packet is finally complete.... all I can do now is wait for the next 5 weeks to pass.
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    Ahh these decisions are so tough!! I think I am going to visit after I graduate sometime in May.
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    So... I went online to check the status of my application, and for some reason is says the following:

    Application Status: Incomplete

    However, it says that all required questions were answered, and that the online application (with fee) was successfully submitted weeks ago. It's also showing that my official transcripts, 2 recommendation letters, personal statement, and resume were received by the office. The TEAS was waived, but I took it anyway before I submitted my transcripts.

    So, what in the world is going on?? Did any of you guys have this experience? Do I need to follow-up with someone (I don't want to be pushed into the 3rd review....)?
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    Saleisha- Yes this happened to me. I just called and made sure everything was in. I got my acceptance letter in the mail and just decided to check my online status and it still said incomplete.

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