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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    A quick question for those who did or are currently attending MU: What is your weekly (and semester) class schedule like? Do they hold clinicals on the same days as classes, or are they separated? Do they have summer classes for ABSN students (my projected graduation date is May 2014)?

    I was accepted into the Fall 2012 cohort & although I won't have my specific schedule for a while, I'm trying to get a general feel for the program, especially so I can begin locking down flexible, reliable childcare.

    I looked on the school website & while it lists all the required courses, it doesn't delve into a semester-by-semester breakdown or clinical scheduling.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

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    Yes, you will have classes the summer of 2013. It is possible for you to have classes and clinicals the same day (clinicals are done by a lottery system), but I don't know many people who encountered that situation. When I started in the program (I graduated in May 2011) there was basically an early morning cohort (8-9am start time) and a late morning cohort (classes began around 11am). If you go to Marymount University | Registrar and click on "Schedule of Classes" you can see the current course schedule. For the accelerated program, look at the classes listed as NU-XXX-ACC-XXX and coordinate it with the required course schedule. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks so much, soontobnurstudent, that info is very helpful!

    Is there any way to select being in the late morning group, or vice versa? I would definitely prefer the later start time, but I understand if the assignment process is random.

    I am glad to know the odds aren't too high one will have clinicals & classes on the same day. They regularly scheduled like that in another program I looked at & it seemed like a recipe for burnout.

    Also, how far in advance of August will we know our final schedule for fall term? Since I am arranging daily childcare, the sooner the better.
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    Yes, you do get to pick your start time for classes. As far as getting your class schedule/selecting classes, if my memory serves me correctly, it wasn't very long after I accepted the admission offer. The class schedule is already available for the fall so I would imagine there won't be much of a delay. Good luck, Tabby_Cat!
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    soon2bnurstudent and windsurfer8,

    Thanks so much for all your help. It breaks my heart but I really can't afford Marymount. If I was gonna get fixed rate loans I would probably go for it, but I don't wanna spend my life watching the prime rate with terror. You were right on the mark when you said 80K.

    It sucks! I'm pretty sure I would love Marymount. Now I'm trying to find super cheap BSNs. I will consider ADNs too, but some are harder to get into than BSNs because they're so cheap.

    Anyways, thanks again! You guys are awesome!
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    For those that are in the program, do you like it? I've seen so many mixed reviews. I'm hoping that I'll get into a school for the spring of 2013 but if not, I'd consider Marymount for Fall. It sounds like they are still accepting applications For the Fall but I really want to go to UMD. I've also read that they aren't as competitive as other schools. That makes me wonder if they are worth it.
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    I would like some guidance from anyone who's been through the ABSN program. Is the cost of tuition (including room and board) for the entire academic year $80,000? I'm really confused as their website indicates that it'll cost about $34,000 for the 2011-2012 calendar year. Am i missing something??

    Your response is appreciaeted!!

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