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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    Thank you much, Soon2Bnurstudent...u already are one!!! Congrats...we are following in your foot steps begining Fall...
    @ mother_matters, I PM you with regards to the study guides if they are still available...thank you.

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    hey TaraZ, have you found a place? and if you don't mind me asking...are you female or male?
    Thank you.
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    Quote from soon2bnurstudent
    I graduated from the ABSN program at MU in May 2011 and just wanted to add what I consider a vital piece of information...the program definitely has a high NCLEX pass rate. Our class has stayed in contact with each other since graduating and it seems that everyone who has taken NCLEX has passed so although we may have complained about some disorganization and such during the program, MU definitely did it's job. Also, we are having success in terms of landing jobs. Many people have landed jobs in the specialty area of their choice including Peds, NICU, Mother/Baby and ER. Some have had more than one offer! In 18 months I met some fantastic people, built a good network of colleagues and mentors, received my BSN and passed the NCLEX. I couldn't be happier that I picked MU! Just some food for thought


    Im interested in Marymount for the Spring and Ive been hearing varying info on the time frame. Is the program 18months or 16months including the summer semester. If I start in the Spring when can I expect to be done?
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    I am currently waiting for a response for the Spring 2012 semester. I was wondering if there is an exit exam requirement other than the NCLEX? I saw in other threads the mention os the HESI
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    I graduated from MU in '08. ABSN. It is a great program because it is hard. They will not baby you. You will have to solve problems and stay on top of your paperwork. It is not like your first degree in basket weaving. You will have clinicals and lots of times things are jacked up. You are dealing with monster hospitals who are not always cool to students. Develop a thick skin and prepare mentally. Exercise. Stay lean. Stay strong. This is good. Makes you think and solve problems. Makes it easier to deal with pain. The harder it is the more it prepares your for reality. I lived in a small crappy apt near Ft. Myer. I paid 1300 a month for basically a box. That is reality in Arlington. Once again. Prepare. Hit it hard.
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    Hey guys!! I am having a lot of trouble deciding whether or not to attend MU ABSN. I got in last year but deferred to this January. I am so worried about how expensive the program is! I already have $17000 in undergrad loans. Because my parents can't cosign I was only approved for a Wells Fargo Medcap loan that has a variable interest rate...scary! Is anyone else in my situation? Or did anyone attend the program who can tell me if this debt is worth it? I don't have the greatest gpa and so I'm afraid to pass Marymount up and risk spending forever trying to get into another program. I am also tied to living in NYC after the program because of my husband's job and I have heard new grads have found it almost impossible to find work here. Also, does anyone know if you can get around buying a car for the program( katlee08 )?

    Thanks so much fellow nurses and nursing enthusiasts!
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    I know a couple of people who did the MU program who did not have cars. MU will assume that you have transportation to and from any site or activity and they make it pretty clear that they have no obligation to make any special arrangements for those who do not have a vehicle so if you don't have a car, don't expect any sympathy from administration. I would not recommend it, especially since not all the clinical sites are metro-accessible, but it has been done before.

    If you are committed to becoming a nurse, I would suggest you take MU up on the acceptance. First of all, I have heard (and personally know) of too many people who are on waiting lists, can't get into school, etc. I say go for it and hope that your job after graduation offers loan forgiveness. Although sign-on bonuses for jobs are a thing of the past (in most places), many hospitals still offer loan fogiveness and there are also federal and state programs that offer it as well. You'll be committed to working for the hospital or in a given area/state, etc. for "x" amount of years but your loans will get paid.

    In terms of living in NYC and finding work there, it may be hard, but getting a job can be hard anywhere and in any field. Commit yourself to doing really well in nursing school. Get good recommendations from your professors after each semester. Start networking in NYC and putting out feelers early on. Put in the effort and you'll likely get out of it what you put into it. Sure, not every new grad who applies for a job in NYC is going to get it, but someone is...and that could be you, right?
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    I graduated from MU accelerated in '08 and I will tell you it is expensive. However I loved my time there and I learned so much. Also my class was 100% NCLEX pass. As far as car I had mine and I needed it to get to clinicals. You may be able to get rides from people, but don't expect it. No one is going to drive and hour out of their way in DC traffic to pick you up at 5 am.

    Have you considered getting an ADN? Personally...I would be a little freaked about going 80K in debt. Then again..if you want it then hit it.

    ADN would be cheaper and then you could get your BSN while working. I don't is all up to you. I have worked since 5 days after passing the NCLEX so I would say it was a good investment for me.

    Good Luck!
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    80K? Good point, windsurfer 8! Although the OP mentioned 17K in undergraduate loans, I didn't really do the math. That is a significant amount of debt and an ADN would be much less expensive, at least in the short run. In many cases, getting an ADN would take you longer than the 16 months to get the BSN at MU. Also, I can tell you that in the current market with many hospitals seeking Magnet status, ADN new grads are having a tougher time getting hired than BSN new grads. It's definitely a big decision but hopefully all the information is shedding some light for you. Good luck, whatever path you choose!
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    I am saying by the time it is all done with adding in the 20K already owed.

    Yes with the ADNs...however...I work with a lot of ADNs who were hired. The bottom line while there may not be as many positions as in '08...there is still a shortage of nurses. As it was explained to me...yes..there are a LOT more people applying to nursing schools..however..nursing schools can still only graduate X amount of nurses. Whether MU gets 10,000 apps or 1,000..they can only graduate a certain amount. I do not know any ADN nurse who want to work who are not working. I am not advocating ADN..I am pro BSN 100%. I am very happy to have my BSN. I am just saying the rumors of no jobs and all that...don't believe anything unless you see it in person.

    Once again...good luck and I am a total Marymount guy who is totally supportive of going there!
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