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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    I forgot to ask...does of you who received letters from financial aid, if you don't mind, what does it say?

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    Hi all,
    I will be graduating from MU in a couple weeks and am looking for someone to take my spot in my apartment. I live with 2 other Marymount Accelerated Nursing students - 1 who is graduating with me and will most likely be moving out when I am and the other has 2 more semesters left and would be a great mentor for someone coming in.

    The area is great and rent is around $600/month. I would hope to have you move in June 1st (could potentially wait until July 1st) I live in Falls Church near Tysonís Corner Mall. If youíre interested, let me know! And Iíd also be happy to answer any questions - about the apartment/program!
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    Sounds awesome, but I dont find out if I am admitted until May!
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    @Mustudentnurse- how is the commute to and from class from your apartment and how is your class schedule in terms of M-Fr, 9-5? I need to know the commute and schedule so I can find out whether I can bike or not. Is it many miles? Male or Female room mate?
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    Mustudentnurse, that would have been a great deal for me but I begin classes Aug 29th so moving in june would be too early. If you can please pass the word on to your classmates for someone looking for a spot late Aug 1st Sept, I sure would appreciate it.
    On a different note, how has the program been for you? Did you complete all prereqs before beginning?what are some of the other areas students live in that commute might not be as bad? Sorry about the one thousand and one questions!
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    @ Mustudentnurse, I forgot to ask, how and where are the clinicals held? Trying to see if that will sort of have a bearing on where I choose to find an apartment. Also, coming in, what can one do to prepare? say if you had to do it all over, what will you do differently? what have you noticed that has been most helpful for you as far as performing well in the program? Study groups? cohorts? thanks for your time.
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    @Crucial - I take the back roads to get to class. It takes about 15 minutes to get to campus, so I’m not sure how the commute with a bike would go. We have a shuttle that takes us from our apartment straight to West Falls Church Metro. Class schedule varies, usually 2-3 times a week on campus and then 1 day of clinicals for the first semester. We have sites at a lot of different hospitals all over NOVA, some in DC, and some in MA. Clinical days generally last from 6:30am to 3:30pm for the first semester and classes are usually 3 hours long and usually take the whole day because are spread out in the day.
    We’re all females in the apartment, but would be willing to consider males.
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    @Mamz1 - As far as commuting, I know people that commute and it works for them from Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church. You WILL end up driving around to different locations. You’ve got the Inova system (Fair Oaks, Fairfax...), WHC, VHC, Suburban, Reston Hospital, it kind of depends on where you are placed.
    The program, like any, has it’s pluses and minuses, but overall, it’s a good program. However, they are starting a new curriculum with HESI which I’m not familiar with. Our cohort used ATI. I’m sure that sounds foreign to you right now --- you’ll know all about it soon enough. I completed all the prereq.s prior to starting. But if they are accepting you and allowing you to take prereq.s in the program, I’m sure you’ll be fine. The first semester is the hardest, the last semester is the busiest. I recommend mastering pathophysiology. If you focus on that class - it will pay off throughout the program. You’ll be learning a new test taking technique with Med-Surg, so make sure to get a textbook that will help you with that (Med Surg Success is a popular one). I was blessed to have a roommate who I worked well with and we studied together all the time and that worked best for us 1:1. I also had a study group of 3 of us that met at Starbucks regularly, and that was helpful too. Really, it depends on how you work/learn - so just try things out when you get here and you’ll find what works best for you!
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    Thank you soo much for your prompt response. I'll get that book for Med Surg. Are you guys getting any offers for employment as of yet? are you scheduled to take the NCLEX as you complete the program or do they give you a couple of months to go review and then take it? goodluck with that by the way.
    I'll be done with all my prereqs by this summer and so when I get there, I'll be facing only the non/nursing/clinical courses. I just want to get it done in the 16month time frame and not have any other hidden courses they don't tell you like ethics and nutrition that are also required to complete most nursing programs.
    Thank you.
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    Hi! I plan on attending MU's ABSN program in the fall of 2011 and I just discovered the magic that is I'm moving from California and I have no idea how I'm going to find housing near by and I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat or had any advice.

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