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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    I got my accelerated 2nd degree BSN application in before the first review at Marymount which was 2/11/11 and I haven't heard yet. I also got the financial aid I am waiting in suspense! I have been accepted to Shenandoah University, and to Salisbury University, but Marymount is where I want to go. I emailed my admissions counselor who helped me apply and he said he was out of the office and would call me tomorrow!

    Congrats to those who received heir acceptance letters!
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    @carlyrose: I'm in the exact same boat! I think we should hear very soon. This week maybe? Or early next week. I just hope we get in!
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    @ AMM430

    I just called the admissions office because I literally could not wait for the letter. She basically said that my file still said "up for review". They had so many applicants in the first round of admissions that they had to break the first round up into 3 separate committee meetings. She said she things the third one was today but the files haven't been updated yet. So I am going to call again tomorrow and find out if it has been updated in the system. If you know who your admissions counselor is, you can call them or email them directly and they should be able to give you the scoop. Fingers crossed!
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    Just got a letter saying they decided to hold my application for the final round of reviews after May 13th so that they have my final grades in the science pre-requisite sure hope I get in after they see my As...
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    how many prerequisites have you completed/still need to complete? i'm curious because i may be in the same boat
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    I've completed three, I'm enrolled in two, and I have three more to take this summer!
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    To those of you still waiting to complete, just hang in least it is a good thing they are holding on to your package for review pending your completion...before you know it, the semester will be over with and then the summer session as well...I know, you would just rather know now! I feel you...I got accepted pending my last science course A&P II which they could see as IP(in progress) on my transcript...and I also submitted before the first review date.
    Good luck
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    I forgot to ask...does of you who received letters from financial aid, if you don't mind, what does it say?
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    Hi all,
    I will be graduating from MU in a couple weeks and am looking for someone to take my spot in my apartment. I live with 2 other Marymount Accelerated Nursing students - 1 who is graduating with me and will most likely be moving out when I am and the other has 2 more semesters left and would be a great mentor for someone coming in.

    The area is great and rent is around $600/month. I would hope to have you move in June 1st (could potentially wait until July 1st) I live in Falls Church near Tyson's Corner Mall. If you're interested, let me know! And I'd also be happy to answer any questions - about the apartment/program!
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    Sounds awesome, but I dont find out if I am admitted until May!
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    @Mustudentnurse- how is the commute to and from class from your apartment and how is your class schedule in terms of M-Fr, 9-5? I need to know the commute and schedule so I can find out whether I can bike or not. Is it many miles? Male or Female room mate?
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    Mustudentnurse, that would have been a great deal for me but I begin classes Aug 29th so moving in june would be too early. If you can please pass the word on to your classmates for someone looking for a spot late Aug 1st Sept, I sure would appreciate it.
    On a different note, how has the program been for you? Did you complete all prereqs before beginning?what are some of the other areas students live in that commute might not be as bad? Sorry about the one thousand and one questions!
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    @ Mustudentnurse, I forgot to ask, how and where are the clinicals held? Trying to see if that will sort of have a bearing on where I choose to find an apartment. Also, coming in, what can one do to prepare? say if you had to do it all over, what will you do differently? what have you noticed that has been most helpful for you as far as performing well in the program? Study groups? cohorts? thanks for your time.