J. Sargeant Reynolds RN Program 2011-2012

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    Has anyone out there already been accepted to the RN program for 2011 or planning on entering in 2012? What have your GPAs been like, and what have you heard about who has and who has not been accepted?

    How many of you already have a BA or BS, or other degree of some kind? Who took the Kaplan, and how did you do?

    I have a 3.8 right now, but I am not sure if they take in account the GPA from my previous degree since some of those classes satisfy the JSR pre-nursing classes.

    Any advice or concerns you have heard? Feeling alone out there because I have been told people with 4.0s have not gotten in.


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    hi there. i applied for the jsarg program and withdrew my app once i was accepted into another nursing program. i have a friend that works for them and he actually came across my app and they needed another transcript of mine to continue on with the process. but like i said before i told them to not worry about it since i had already been accepted to another program. have you thought about applying to any other programs? i think it's worth looking into, especially since it has become really competitive to get into the community college programs.

    i, by the way, have my BS in psychology from VCU and my overall GPA for what JSarg considers (just those math, science, and a few other pre-reqs) was a 3.8.
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    I have looked at other nursing programs, but most of those would be a lot more money and a lot more classes. For example, Bon Secours would have me re-take a lot of the classes that I took for my BA since it has been over 5 years, and I got waitlisted for the VCU BSN program.

    I really just want my RN at this point, because there are so many RN-MSN programs for nurses who already have a 4 year degree. And I would like to be working so that someone else can pay for it! I am still paying off my BA.

    What did you find for something else besides JSR, JTCC?
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    I'm doing the Bon Secours program. I have to re-take a chem class, but in the long run, I think this program is going to work out the best for me. They seem so on top of things, so far, and after attending many different information sessions that have made their respected programs seem chaotic, I was just really impressed with Bon Secours. I'm just excited to get started-- yes, it means an additional 3 years of school, but in the end I'll have my BSN and (hopefully) a job within the Bon Secours health system.
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    Hey, I just got my acceptance letter for Reynolds in the fall!! Yay!! I had a 4.0 GPA, and yes you will have to take the Kaplan. It's very basic, so just touch up on vocabulary, grammar, and basic math. I received a 90 something on all portions of Kaplan test. Let me know if you have any other questions
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    Since I have a previous degree, I do not have to take the Kaplan for JSR. But I am wondering if I should take it to give myself an advantage? IDK!

    What did you think of the overall application process? Did you have to get references? With VCU since GPAs are all pretty much the same in applying, it was all about the references (from what I was told by students)
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    I would double check that you don't have to take the Kaplan. Reynolds changed the requirements for the program recently. As far as I remember the only students who don't have to take the Kaplan are LPN's, but you should call or check their websites to verify all information.

    The application process was really, really easy. They calculate a score out of 40 points based on your GPA and Kaplan scores, one for math and one for reading. GPA counts for 50% of the score; each Kaplan score is worth 25%. There is mo need for references, resume, or even an essay. The process took a very long time though, applications were due march 31st and I didn't find out until yesterday that I was accepted.
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    I will double check on the Kaplan, thanks for letting me know!

    There is another meeting for prospective applicants in two weeks, so I am going armed with questions, etc.

    Thanks again for answering. So glad for you to be in the fall class! There are a lot of people applying, and since they no longer do Summer acceptance, I am sure that they had an onslaught of applications.

    Good luck, and keep me posted on how you do!
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    I got in too!!! what day are you going to the orientation? wed or thur?
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    congrat stary!! I got in too!! what day are you going to orientation? wed or thurs?

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