how long it will take to transfer RN license in VA

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    hi, everyone. I am new one here, and trying to transfer my RN license from other state to VA. I have submitted the application and paid online. I need to start my new job in 3 weeks. I shouldn't wait so late to transfer my license, but I didn't expect to get an offer that quick. Does anyone recently had similar experience? How long does the nursing board process a case like this?
    in panic......

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    Hi! Something similar happened to me. I moved from NC to VA but I was working at the VA hospital under my NC license. (You can do that there). When I realized I wanted a different opportunity, I was in a big rush to transfer. Seems like from the time I applied for the transfer all told it took about 3 or 4 weeks. Good luck to you.
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    Where are you moving from; is it a compact state? I was able to work under my old license until the new one came, too (not at the VA hospital). I think it took about a month to get the VA license too.
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    You should be getting it any time. It took me about 1 month. If you have applied for your VA license, they will give you a 30 day grace period knowing you have put in your transfer request.

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