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Hi, I'm trying to find more information on hospital-based nursing schools in Virginia. From this site, I gather that there are only a handful of these schools left in the state. The ones I am particularly interested in are... Read More

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    Thanks for the info! Does anyone know of any hospital based programs in the michigan/ohio area? I have 5 kids in college and, quite honestly, don't have the money to re-take a bunch of nursing classes I already passed. (I mean reallly! How much can Anatomy change? Unless humans are sprouting additional organs I don't know about!)
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    You might have better luck checking in the Michigan and Ohio nursing program forums. As far as I know, no knew organs have been discovered! Except maybe that one that makes us eat McDonald's fries against all better judgment. Good luck!!

    MI Nursing Programs Discussion - Nursing for Nurses
    OH Nursing Programs Discussion - Nursing for Nurses
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    Hi I'm interested in Hospital Diploma programs,in Northern VA,or nursing scholarship programs,that will pay my tutitution etc. RN ,give them a work committement Either in Nova or DC or Md , the othr programs in riverside is too far for me! Thanxs for asst.
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    If you complete the LPN program at Riverside Hospital Nursing School and work a year at Riverside as an LPN, can you apply to the LPN-RN bridge program without prerequisites or do you still have to complete them at community college to take chemistry, microbiology, and human anatomy I & II?
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    SRMC does have tuition payments. it starts after your second semseter though