has anyone gone to ECPI in VA? Or someplace else?

  1. I just have some questions about the program, overall opinion, and whether or not anyone has had problems transferring credits if they tried to do a bridge-over program Thanks In Advance!!
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  3. by   Taylorbug
    Hey I have been to the one in Richmond. I didn't graduate from the program I ended up finishing at a community college but I can probably answere questions.
  4. by   ewilliam12
    how did you like the program? also did you have any problems transferring credits somewhere else?
  5. by   Taylorbug
    Well there will be issues at any school but ECPI was the worst. I didn't have to transfer credits to get in but alot of people in my class had trouble and their credits won't transfer to other schools. For example if you wanted to become an RN later you would have to start at the beginning. They won't even transfer their own credits! They will basically tell you anything to get you into the school... their admissions people get based on the numbers. They are increadibly unorganized and have been kicked out of all hospital clinical locations to where the maternity clinicals in the classroom! Thery are not accredited and have a reputation in the central VA area where if you interviewed for a job and someone from J. Sargeant Reynolds or another school was up for the same job they would take the other person just based on where you wen't to school. It's also over 30K for their program. An LPN starts out at about $14.00 - $18.00 an hour here soooo you wouldn't want to have to pay back that loan on an LPN salary. When I transfered to Reynolds I had to start all over. I started with pre-reqs and it took me 2 years but I got good grades, got accepted into the program the first time I applied, passed my NCLEX and am now looking for my first job. I have interviewed for a very good position at Bon Secours and feel pretty confident I got the job I wouldn't waste your money at MCI. Let me know if you have any more questions.