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  1. This is for anyone who has been accepted or not accepted into the accelerated program at Mason. Would you mind sharing what your qualifications were? GPA, Masters degree (?), work experience, Hesi score etc. I can start a program in January, but would really like to wait and see if I can get into Mason for fall 2012. I have a Masters degree in Healthcare Management (3.9 GPA), a Ba in Psychology (3.4 GPA), and As and Bs in my pre-reqs. I have a bit of healthcare experience. Anyone similar get accepted or not get accepted? Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    Your grades and experience are impressive so you probably have a good chance of getting into many programs. That being said, what is making you think about waiting until Fall 2012? I was in just the opposite situation when I went into an accelerated program...rather than wait for the fall I sought out a school with January admission school so I could get started as soon as possible and get out as soon as possible. Personally, I do not regret my decision one bit! If I had waited, I would still be in school right now I'm asking because if you post why you are thinking of waiting, pros/cons, etc. feedback from others may give you food for thought. In any case, best of luck, whatever you decide
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    Thanks for the response. The reason that I am contemplating waiting for GMU is the fact that I got my MS from Marymount and while it was a great program, it was rather expensive. I am trying to avoid such a high cost for the BSN, but will happily go to Marymount ifI don't get into Mason. Where are you attending if you don't mind me asking. Can you tell me what you like/don't like about the program? Thanks!!! :-)
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    Ah...I finished the ABSN program at Marymount in May so I definitely understand the cost issue but I'm still glad I opted for January entry. Have you looked into hospital scholarships? I know some fellow students had INOVA scholarships and I believe they also have a program with GMU. Check Virginia Hospital Center also.

    As far as the program, it's demanding (as are all ABSN programs) but if you can make it through the first semester, you'll be fine. There were definitely some bumps with disorganization. Some people really complained about it but with a little patience everything worked out fine. I don't know the actual statistics but from talking with classmates I think the NCLEX pass rate for our class was pretty high and we've had good success with getting jobs. Hope that helps and best of luck regardless of which path you choose!