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George mason pre-req ? Biomedical ethics

  1. 0 I've seen a few comments from people stating they are out of state and applying to George Mason. I live in MD and am mostly interested in UMD and Johns Hopkins but also looking at VA/DC schools. One of the requirements for George Mason is Biomedical ethics. I am taking pre-reqs at Montgomery college and they have an ethics course but no biomedical ethics course. NVCC has a course but being out of state, it would be an expensive option. Also, I'm just trying to keep my options open and other schools require ethics so I figure it'll be a class I take anyway. This is the only school I've seen specify a specific ethics course.

    So what courses have other people taken to fulfill biomedical ethics?
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    I was accepted to Mason's accelerated BSN for fall and I took ethics as part of my MPH (masters of public health) and it satisfied their requirement, though i dont think it was entitled "biomedical" ethics, it may have been research ethics, i can't remember. I would check with them, ask if you can send someone a course description and see if it satisfies the requirement.

    Every nursing school I looked at and applied to required ethics.