Follow Up with Crusading for Better Mental Health: Mental Health Education in Schools

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    I am not sure if anyone in the Virginia read my opinion post about mental health being taught in schools. I think it should be. Apparently, some places already do, some do not. Since I am a Virginia girl, I can only try and change Virginia. I think it would be cool to get an education program that is general across the state, then slightly tweaked (as far as community resources/outreach programs and facilities) to fit the area of VA that it's taught in.

    I don't know if it has to be a mandate (from governing body), if it can be decided by superintendents/school systems, etc.

    I am kind of curious about where it is already taught and what is already being taught in schools (K-12 and college, if you know of a college that does this already.) The idea is to figure out where it already exists, what is already in place, where does it need to go (like what the ideal finished product), and identify deficits and what can be done to fix it.

    Post if you have an opinion (especially the school nurses), are interested, etc. I am putting a poll too. Below is the link to find your region
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