Does anyone know of a LPN School in Richmond, Va that offers LATE evening start hours

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    Does anyone know of an LPN School in Richmond, Va that offers LATE evening start hours? (ex., 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. start time.) Thanks so much!

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    The only place that I know of is MCI, but it is about $40k for the program. If you have to go there, I would study up on the TEAS (if you haven't been in yet) and go for the RN program. I believe it is also around $40k.
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    Thank so much for your response. I heard that MCI was $29,000 for the LPN program. Where did you hear that it was $40,000? That's insane!
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    When I went in 1.5 years ago, they listed the LPN program at $38K and then the RN as $40K.
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    Here is a link that might help you find programs:

    I'm not sure about the Richmond area, if you search on LPN and Virginia as the state, there are programs listed all over. If you are somewhat south of Richmond and can drive to Newport News, Riverside has an E/W program that starts at 6 and goes every other weekend for 18 months. Cost is about 19K IIRC.
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    i am supposed to be going to the lpn program at mci in richmond va. the program is 32,000. I was exited about the program until someone told me that they were not accredited. Does anyone know about this?

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