Can someone who has a VA license clarify this for me

  1. Hi,

    I am applying for a VA (compact) license. It says do you have a mental, physical, or chemical dependency that would impair you from doing your job or something to that effect. Okay, I have a mental illness, but I am treated for it. So, it wouldn't impair me from doing my job, but still none the less I have a mental illness. So, do I put 'no'?

    I was told that they can't discriminate for having a mental illness but they can refuse to give you a license for lying to them if you lie that you don't have a mental illness and really do and they find out. That's why I am trying to accurately fill this out.

    Can someone who has a VA license (and preferably has a mental illness) clarify this for me or someone who is knowledgeable about this?

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  3. by   llg
    I suggest you talk to a knowledgable attorney. The question is too important to rely on anonymous internet opinions.

    I developed a hearing and balance impairment -- and lived in another state -- and consulted an attorney for the same question. At that time (in those slightly different circumstances), he advised me to check "No" in the box asking whether or not I had a disability, etc. that would effect my ability to do the job ... but to "write in" an explanation of my impairment so that I would not be accused of lying and/or withholding information.

    That might be the best approach for you ... but I strongly recommend you get a knowledgable legal opinion on that as it is a legal question and not a nursing question. I am not an attorney. I am a nurse.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   wish_me_luck
    I went back and looked at it and put yes. It just says explain and get a letter from provider stating dx, tx, and prognosis sent to the BON. So, it must just be asking generally if you have a physical, mental, or chemical dependency condition and then also telling the reason why they ask. I know they did ask about that stuff and that must have been the question, just in not so clear terms.

    Hopefully, they will say I am okay to practice with the letter from psychiatrist.