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  1. Hi, new to this site, and saw that not alot of information has been posted about the Richmond Bryant & Stratton RN program. I am due to graduate the 20 month ADN program this August, 2011. Five (4 month) semesters long. It is a new program, as it has only had two graduating classes so far, the first having had only 5 graduates, and the last class of 18 having just graduated in April 2011. No Nclex pass rates to look up so far. This private college also has other locations, another one in the Tidewater area and in other states as well. They are in the process of acrediation, and currently the classes do not transfer, but they do accept certain transfer credits toward the program.

    The program is a work in progress, as they keep changing things to improve, and there is certainly room for more improvement, and they are trying. It is expensive as it is a private school, but with Pell grants and scholarships they offer, it seems my balance owed here at the end it only around $25,000.

    I chose this school because there was absolutely no waiting list, the entrance exam was a fairly easy teas test, it is a short program, and there were no prereqs to take as it is all included in the program. I checked out the community colleges, Fortis, ECPI, and RHST before making my choice. The cost seemed the same or less than the other private schools, and it has less of a career school feel, and more of a university feel with the same length semesters.

    From what I have read, most nursing students feel like they dont know much when they get out of school. (I feel like I've barely scratched the surface). I feel that as long as you are prepared for the Nclex, then your prepared enough, and safe. B&S uses the ATI program heavily, and relies on it to prepare you for testing. It is strictly a day program, and you start your clinicals in the second semester. Since this is my last semester, I am now doing my 90 hour internship, and was able to choose the field I wanted.

    All of the instructors are at the Masters degree level, so they are certainly qualified, provided you get one with teaching experience. Unfortunately, we had an instructor for Med-surg 1 that was terrible, and actually got us kicked out of any clinicals at HCA hospitals. It was her lack of knowledge, and not the fault of the students! She is no longer teaching at that level now, thank goodness, but we missed out on alot of education because of her. All of my other instructors have been excellent, and trained us well.

    Will be glad to get out of school, and interested in learning the Nclex pass rates for the graduates. I would recommend this college for anyone wanting to get in and get out quickly. Most of my classmates intend on furthering their education past the ADN level, but I will be satisfied with furthering my education with certifications within my field of choice for now, as this is a second career for me. Feel free to ask me questions about the program, but I am new to this site and cannot private message. Sorry for the long length, but Im used to doing those three page APA papers!!!
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  3. by   ohiostudentrn
    Thank you for the post! I am a 2nd semester student in the Parma, Ohio Bryant & Stratton RN program. This is also a second career for me, I was just curious what kind of scholarships you received to attend? I've had to pay through the roof and really don't know how I will be able to continue going there. Please help! Thanks again
  4. by   blondiestime
    Thank you for your comment, and good luck with your program. Fortunately, I am able to qualify for the pell grant and Federal student loans. I have not had to pay anthing while I am attending. Talk to Financial aid about your options as well as sources for funding.
  5. by   OH_kate
    To Ohiostudentrn-- I don't know your situation as this is a second degree, but I have been looking into B&S as well.. Here is what I have learned:

    In my case, already having a BA degree means I am not eligible for ANY pell grants, and most likely will not get federal assistance towards a second degree (even though I did not utuilize ANY financial aid with my first degree) it seems very unfair! I worked my butt off in undergrad to avoid taking out loans!! The admissions people said OH students are eligible for around $60k in student government loans, so I should be able to access those if need be. Some friends have suggested Fanni Mae for nursing school loans (much better rates).

    Anyhoo, I asked about scholarships and they said there isn't much offered to their students. Have you found anything?? And how do you like the program?! If I attend I will be starting out in the second semester, as I have completed everything required for their first semester already.. Thanks!!
  6. by   blondiestime
    It seems that every time I go thru financial aid, they have some sort of small grant added in there by the school for around $1,000. Not sure if its insentive for returning students, or what exactly. Also, they allow $800.00 for books every semester, and if you dont use all of that, it goes toward the loan. Every semester they have an essay contest for everyone registered to win from $500.00 to a maximum amount of $2,000 to either go toward school loans, or cash in your pocket. The first year I didnt do it because I thought they only awarded one, so I figured what are my chances? I found out that they award quite a few, not sure how many, but at least 25 or so. I got $2,000 bucks one semester, then the following two semesters I got ZERO! I have no idea how they pick the winners, but I'm pretty sure the last two essays were just as good as the $2000 winner! So who knows what the deal is with that!
    The most helpful thing of course is the Pell grant. If you qualify, that will knock off a good chunck of the money. I have heard that there are tons of grants out there for nursing students, but after I signed up, who had time to look and apply for any of them!
    Well, good luck with everything. I cant compare your school with mine, as mine is a new program and has alot of tweaking yet to make it a good program. I know they are working on it, as the first two cohorts have only a 40% pass rate thus far.
  7. by   Ash6833
    I'm also new to this site & interested in the rn program at richmond b&s. I know the program isn't nlnac accredited so I was wondering is it hard to find a job?
  8. by   blondiestime
    Ash6833 - It takes awhile for a school to become accredited. They are currently in the process of aquiring it. So far, out of my class of 12, I know that four passed NCLEX and found a job already. Accrediation apparantly has no influence on hiring.
  9. by   Ash6833
    That's good to hear!! Also how long is the program?
  10. by   nyah1124
    Hello i am scheduled to take the teas test on thursday at the bryant n stratton college in richmond. what are the class hours and do you go every day. i heard it was 18 months then some people say 20 months. I was in between bryant n stratton and fortis, what do u all suggest??
  11. by   blondiestime
    I dont know alot about Fortis, I chose B&S because it was located practically across the street from my house! Make sure that you study before the teas test if you havent been in school awhile. The RN program is 5 semesters long, or 18 months. Each semester you take about 15 credit hours. The first 3 semesters have the most classes because the last two semesters include clincial hours and internship. You dont have to go everyday. You can scedule your non-nursing classes anytime you want. You just have to take the nursing classes when they give them. I think I only actually went up to the school for classes 3 days a week. Hope this helps!
  12. by   lauranurselaura
    Hi Blondie,

    A few questions:

    1 - How many pre-req's do they take? I have completed ALL of my pre-req's at a CC or elsewhere and when I went to Fortis, they said they'd only take 2 out of the 10 or so that I completed. Fortis told me I would have to repeat the rest because it's incorporated into their program and I guess financially that's how they justify the high cost. (If I read correctly, you said in your original post that some pre-req's were incoporated into your education at B&S, so I'm wondering if it's just like Fortis in that sense?)

    2 - Are there any time limitations on the pre-req's that B&S takes? Some of my classes are over 10 years old (A&P, English, Math, Sociology, Psychology, etc.). MCI told me I would need to retake Math, Chemistry and English due to time limitations.

    3 - How much does the program cost without any help? MCI's is $40,000 and Fortis was $35,000 (approximately).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote from ohiostudentrn
    Thank you for the post! I am a 2nd semester student in the Parma, Ohio Bryant & Stratton RN program. This is also a second career for me, I was just curious what kind of scholarships you received to attend? I've had to pay through the roof and really don't know how I will be able to continue going there. Please help! Thanks again
    so how is the program? Im enrolled for the upcoming January LPN to RN class.......
  14. by   RoniiRN
    I was a member of the first graduating class, but I was in the second cohort. There were actually 17 of us not 18, one fell to the cohort behind us :/ ; anyway, I was wondering if you found a job and if so how that is going for you? Also, I noticed u said u plan on specializing, what are you thinking about specializing in?