Bon Secours Fall 2011

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    I was just wondering if there are other people out there that are applying for the Bon Secours BSN Fall 2011 Program. I just took the TEAS test earlier this week and got my results back last night (very excited about the results!). My application is complete and now the wait begins.

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    I'm applying too! They said we should hear back from them before the end of April. What'd you get on your TEAS test?
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    I got a 87.5%-- finished 98th national percentile. I did really well with the Reading, Math, and Science sections, but had a tough time with the English and Language usage. Are you applying anywhere else?
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    I got a 87.3% haha same percentile. My Math and English sections were really good and my science was pretty bad in comparison. This is the only place I applied but if I don't get in I'm going to try for a community college. What about you?
    I've heard the average TEAS scores of applicants admitted are in the 70s so I think we're good!
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    Hopefully-- I was so happy when I got my scores back. There seem to be a lot of people applying this year so I'm nervous to see what the competition is like. Where did you hear about the average TEAS scores?

    I applied to VCU for their advanced BSN program (I graduated in May 2009 with my BS in psychology) and did not get in. I'm planning on applying to J. Sarg and John Tyler if I do not get in here. It's getting harder and harder to get into these places though!
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    I was really happy too. The testing room for the TEAS was packed when I was there but I did overhear a lot of people saying it was their second time taking it and they were on the borderline of passing (with a 60). Maria Vasquez said the majority have 70s when I took the test.
    I heard VCU's a lot harder to get into so don't get discouraged! There's supposed to be around 300 people who actually submitted their applications into Bon Secours and out of those about 50 make it. I'm sure there are a lot more applying for VCU.
    I'm still really nervous though! If I get accepted I'd be going straight from high school so I'm not sure how I compare to people who've already gotten college degrees and are applying Dx
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    So all we can do now is sit and wait-- and this is truly the hard part. Although, I am happy that it's not as long a wait as it was for VCU-- I turned my application in Nov 1 and I didn't hear back to late February (my letter was lost in the mail!).

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us
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    I'm also applying for their BSN program for this coming Fall 2011. I just got my TEAS results - 92.7% overall and 99th percentile, but I'm still worried because I'll be graduating this coming May from Virginia Tech with a GPA of just 3.0 overall (result of suffering through Mechanical Engineering for 2 years before switching). I also applied for VCU's accelerated program and was denied. Waiting to hear back is definitely the hardest part!
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    I wouldn't sell yourself so short with your GPA-- although I know it's easier said than done. I've been scrutinizing over every aspect of my application and it won't stop until I hear from the school! I just turned in my app for J. Sarg today (nothing like waiting until the last minute!)... we shall see how things go!
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    I e-mailed Maria to ask when we should be hearing back about our fate and she said by the end of this week-- here's to hoping for good news!!

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