ATTEND ? Harrison Center for Career Ed / Medical Learning Center / or VMT ANYONE ? ATTEND ? Harrison Center for Career Ed / Medical Learning Center / or VMT ANYONE ? | allnurses

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ATTEND ? Harrison Center for Career Ed / Medical Learning Center / or VMT ANYONE ?

  1. 0 :uhoh21: Has anyone gone to or knows someone who went to these LPN schools?

    1. Harrison Center for Career Education
    2. Medical Learning Center
    3. VMT Education Program

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I just came across these online. Only one had a website. I plan on calling them. Just wanted first-hand knowledge on someone who really went there.

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    WOW! i did attend harrison center, i was a male student nurse at this school from 1999 to 2000. i really loved the experience. the classroom lecture was intense for LPN school, and the pharmacology class was one of the best,,,,, when i went to work for a new job i had to take a pharm test and the instructor was surprised that i did so well..... the clinicals, you couldnt ask for better. we went to washington hospital center and howard university hospital for all of our clinicals.... howard university was the best facility, IMOO, they let u do everything from IV's to vents, IV meds, even hung blood once. this school was really nice. i did graduate the top of my class but had to study lots.... i passed the boards on the minimum, so that means i did well.... after attending this school, you are well prepared to sit the boards..... i am now back in georgia and im finishing up my RN at southern union college in opelika AL. i will be finished this december YAY!!!
    also, i must say i learned a lot more about pharm than this RN school im in now,,,, its a great school, also, but pharm was more intense at harrison LPN school,,, kinda strange huh???
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    Harrison/YWCA just posted an announcement on their site that they could not afford to continue the program and are not taking any more students.