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Hi, I plan on starting school on May 4 to get my LPN at MCI in Richmond VA. I'm getting cold feet though because I don't want to make a mistake in the school that I choose. This one kind of fell into my lap so to speak. It was... Read More

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    I attended MCI and I can tell you that the Instructors were great and the staff always took time to say hello and ask how I was doing. I notice a few complaints posted and can tell you that the majority of my classmates were very happy with their experience. Of course, like any class there are always a few that think their degree (and jobs) should just be handed to them on a silver platter. If you are not going to school to put in the work or if you expect some kind of hand-out then you should go somewhere else...

    My classmates (the one's that actually care about their patients) realize that you will only get out of it what you put into it. Make sure that your reasons for a career in nursing our not selfish, make the sacrifice of time and effort, ask the questions and you will be successful.

    MCI was worth every dollar and every minute I put into to it!
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    i am liking the school so far. i have been going for about 4 weeks.
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    To momto5kiddos: What pre reqs are u taking right now and what are the class days and hours? Do they have financial aid for the pre reqs? after u finish the pre reqs, do u go straight into the nursing program? thanks
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    there are 3 pre-reqs. math, chem, and computer. i am doing them all. and since i chose evening my classes are 5:30-10:30. no financial aid for the pre-reqs. but there is for the nursing classes. it all depends on your situation as to how much you will pay.

    for some people who have already completed the pre-reqs, they might have a break before the nursing classes start. i will finish them about 4 days before the nursing classes start.

    oh and pre-reqs can not transfer from another school. that part kinda stinks. atleast half of the people in my class right now have already taken them before. but whatever.
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    Im attend MCI Richmond campus. The program is expensive but financial aid helped a lot. The courses are tough, you have to learn at a fast pace. So far the teachers seem pretty cool. They really want to see you suceed. Like all schools, it has its ups and down but overall I like it and I'm doing pretty well! Hope this helps! BTW I'm going for LPN

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