Anyone go to career training solutions 15 month rn program?

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    Do you recommend this school? and can you tell me more about it? How difficult is it?

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    They don't appear to be regionally or nationally accredited, and the price for the RN program runs around $40,000. I wouldn't touch this school, not for that price with no regional or national accredidation. Your credits will be worthless if you ever plan to pursue your BSN.
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    I'm going to echo what xfactor said. Too many red flags with this school (ex. high tuition, credits that likely won't transfer etc.). Are you looking at the CTS in Fredericksburg, VA? If so, you might want to research Germanna CC. They have an accredited nursing program and are located in the same region.
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    Hello ! I am about to start the RN program at CTS. My orientation date is Oct. 16. I have really researched the surrounding area programs. I have contacted schools and they say that after I get my RN, I can do their RN-BSN program. So yes, you can still get your BSN but you'd probably have to take a few gen. classes to fulfull the requirement for your BSN. As for price, the program is compressed and has less prereq. as opposed to other schools. So you could have your RN and be working while others are still in school, so you can see it that way. If you have any questions, let me know ! Good luck !

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