Anyone else waiting to hear from Riverside about admissions? - page 5

I am waiting desperately to hear about acceptance into Riverside's RN program. Does anyone else hope to start in September? Best of luck!... Read More

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    Congrats!!! We have to have a physical and shots by Nov 7 and orientation is on dec 6. They also give u your passcode for the website. Where r u from that u have to drive far. I live in Williamsburg and it's far for me .

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    I'm in Virginia Beach, so it takes me about 45 minutes without traffic, but I am going to time the drive again today and see. My biggest concern is my kids have to be in school at 8 am, and picked up at 2:30, which my hubby can usually handle but there will be days when he has to go to work early and that will really be tough for me.
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    I have 3 kids all in school but I figured out a way to do it all. Everything will work out for u. I don't thunk u can be late at all. I know the first semester the classes are Monday through Friday for three months and then we get the month of April off and switch classes for next semester and I thunk it is four days a week then month of August off and switch and then month o December off. If that helps u any.

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