Anyone else waiting to hear from Riverside about admissions? - page 4

I am waiting desperately to hear about acceptance into Riverside's RN program. Does anyone else hope to start in September? Best of luck!... Read More

  1. by   psan
    Got my GED in the mail on Friday and going in to pay the fee and turn in my paperwork today! What did you guys find out when you went in? I am still very apprehensive at this point, the drive really makes me worried, I may have to trade in my truck for a very fuel efficient car!!
  2. by   Tengstrom1978
    Congrats!!! We have to have a physical and shots by Nov 7 and orientation is on dec 6. They also give u your passcode for the website. Where r u from that u have to drive far. I live in Williamsburg and it's far for me .
  3. by   psan
    I'm in Virginia Beach, so it takes me about 45 minutes without traffic, but I am going to time the drive again today and see. My biggest concern is my kids have to be in school at 8 am, and picked up at 2:30, which my hubby can usually handle but there will be days when he has to go to work early and that will really be tough for me.
  4. by   Tengstrom1978
    I have 3 kids all in school but I figured out a way to do it all. Everything will work out for u. I don't thunk u can be late at all. I know the first semester the classes are Monday through Friday for three months and then we get the month of April off and switch classes for next semester and I thunk it is four days a week then month of August off and switch and then month o December off. If that helps u any.