Anyone else waiting for application to come for Fall 2011 NVCC? - page 2

I sent out my checklist in order to get my application for the fall 2011 semester at NVCC a week ago, and the deadline for the application is this coming Monday May 23rd. I'm starting to freak out! I can't turn it in on time if I... Read More

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    1623, Congratulations! There is another thread for accepted NVCC students that I started in addition to the FB page. Can't wait to meet you!

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    Quote from 1623
    Thank you for keeping us up to date...
    I also RECEIVED MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER and are VERY EXCITED, 'cause I got ACCEPTED as well!!! I hope that we get to meet soon....Please send me the FB link. THANKS!!!
    GREAT! I'm so happy you were accepted! I sent you an email with the link!!!! If you have any other friends that got accepted please share the link <3 Look forward to meeting you.

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