Anyone else get a call from a Nurse Recruiter at Virginia Hospital Center? - page 2

Has anyone else recently gotten a call from Virginia Hospital Center. They called yesterday and my phone didn't ring. I got the voicemail and it was delayed an hour. I called back today and spoke to a nurse recruiter. Wondering... Read More

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    Two year contract is basically trying to promote nurse retention. I do not have many details as of now...The RN fellowship orientation is 12 wks; after the first year an increase in pay...Sorry I don't have much information.
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    Hello! Was your interview in person or a phone interview? I have a phone interview coming up and I'm extremely nervous!

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    I worked at VHC for a year and left due to my husband's job. BE CAREFUL SIGNING THE CONTRACT!!!! They promise you 12 weeks of training but fail to give you the training. I was under the impression this was breaking the contract first. A year and a half after leaving to join my husband in another state I receive a letter saying I owe them $6,000 by the end of this month or they will send me to collections. No payment plan either!!!!! I attempted to call and spoke with everyone up the chain but they refused to budge even though they didn't hold up their end of the bargain. They take your last paycheck and all your PTO--which is only paid out 50%. They will not hire you unless you sign the contract. I thought it would not be a problem, since no one else would hire new grads and I had no reason to think I would not be in the area 2 years. Little did I know that life was going to happen...I met my husband, we got married and jobs moved us to another state. BE WARNED! I will NEVER sign another contract again and I urge you all to really think it over before you do the same.
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    I recently applied to a new grad position at VHC and i got a phone screen and was called in for a face to face interview with the clinical educator, and filled out background check info, The classes are supposed to begin this march,its been a week and waiting for the call, should i be hopeful,?Thanks
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    Which unit was it for? I used to work on 5B until we got orders to Colo Springs.
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    Thanks for getting back@RNBSN88,it's ER,hoe long did it take you to do the whole process to got the job offer?
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    Meant how long did it take you to do the whole process to get the job offer ; sorry for typo
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    Not very long at all. Maybe just a week or two from the time the Recruiter called me. I got an in person interview first and then the Talent Plus interview. They only offer you the Talent Plus if you do well at the first interview. Everyone hired at VHC has to go through it. The longest wait at VHC is just between the time you apply and the time they contact you with interest. I've applied there twice and each time it was 4-5 months from the time I applied. The first time I had already accepted another job so I declined when they called. The second time I left my current job at the time of two years to join with them at VHC. But both times it was a long wait after application. I stayed there for 6 months and then my husband got orders so moved to Colorado Springs in September. Good luck!! They're a great hospital to work for! They offer great resources.
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    Talent plus?never heard of that,did you do the Tplus the same day of the interview or after?
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    Surprisingly it didn't take them long to respond after my application,they called me two-3 was after submitting the application and two days after phone screen for in person.
    thank you for your wishes!

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