Anyone else attending Riverside, starting January 2011?

  1. Hello!

    I received a conditonal acceptance letter from Riverside School of Health Careers. I will begin the day division starting in January and would love to hear from anyone else that may be attending. I can't wait to begin classes!

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  3. by   757tam4life
    Hi Heather,

    I am applying to the lpn bridge course for sept. 2011. I live in Alaska, altough Va is my home. MY husband is deploying in May and I am so hoping to get in the program in September. I have my fingers crossed because Im trying to start this process from the other side of the country. I graduated from riversides lpn program in 2006. My question is how long after you applied did you get your acceptance letter and also did you have your interview before you got your letter. Also have you taken the Teas test and if so how hard was it? If you can get back to me I would be so grateful. I have my fingers crossed that if I get accepted I can make it to Va to test and interview. The plane ticket will be about 1200 but if i have to bite the bullet and come home just to test and interview, I will, it will be worth it in the end. I am in such a pickle. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. by   ylwbtrfly84
    Hi 757!

    I applied to the RN program the beginning of June, took the TEAS on July 12th, had an interview on July 21st and received an acceptance on July 30th. I was required take the TEAS and have the interview before I received an acceptance. It stinks that you have to fly to VA to take the TEAS and have the interview. Riverside will notify you of your score the following day and if you pass, they schedule the interview ASAP. I took the TEAS on a Monday and was asked to schedule the interview that Thursday. (I had to schedule for the following week because of my work schedule)
    The TEAS is not difficult, Riverside requires a minimum score of 73.3. Purchase the ATI study guide and practice test and you will do fine.

    Did you like the LPN program, any advice for a newby?

    Good luck with the application process.

  5. by   TLeech
    Heather, do you mind sharing what your gpa/TEAS scores are? I'm trying really hard to get into a nursing program, but they're all so competitive. Any advice for applying that you could share would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you
  6. by   ylwbtrfly84

    My GPA is currently a 3.1 and I scored a 81% on the TEAS. Riverside has a rolling admission. You must complete a minimum of 10 pre-req credits before you apply, score a minimum of 73.3% on the TEAS and complete the interview. I don't know how competitive they are but there is not a wait list. I have heard they accept applicants until the class is full and all pre-reqs must be completed before the start of school. The admissions dept is very friendly, I would give them a call. I feel Riverside is a reputable school and I can't wait to begin classes in January. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  7. by   TLeech
    Thanks Heather. I will give them a call.
  8. by   757tam4life
    Hey Heather,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I loved the Lpn program and can say that the program definitely prepared me for the boards. I will take a gamble on the Riverside system any time thats why I am more than willing to get back to finish up school. The setting is more intimate than a college and just overall better for my learning style. My advice to you would be to focus, ask qestions, and find a study group if possible. If you are in a situation where you must work, than please limit your hours. The more you put in the program, the more you will get out of it. The school has an excellent pass rate. I made the decision to finish my last two classes here, all my pre-reqs will be done and then I will apply when I get home in May. If the class is full I will Apply for the Jan.2012 class. Im hoping I will get in though in Sept. I dont think they recieve as many applicants to the bridge program as the traditional 2 year route. I still have faith. Congratulations to you, you will do great. Who knows I just might be one of the LPNS that enters in levels 5 and 6 of your class. Save me a seat!!!LOL take care!
  9. by   Aimee0816
    I applied in September for their RN program and took TEAS today. Hopefully going to get a call for the interview soon. My goal is to start January 2011.
  10. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm in the E/W RN program now. Shoot me a PM or email if you have any specific questions. Its a good program, very experienced instructors and a good facility to learn in.

  11. by   carebear15
    Hi All,

    I took the TEAS test too and passed. My advice is to go to and pay the money for the practice test. It honestly did help me ALOT. I purchased the ATI study manual from Barnes and noble. The book alone has 2 practice exams. For me math was the hardest part of the test but my scores on the other parts gave me a passing average.

    I was wondering about the first term at Riverside. Is there any books that i can read to prepare myself for the first day of class. And i know that this is negative thinking, but what happens if you fail a class? Do you have to start all over or just re-take that specific class and continue with the regular curriculum? If someone could answer that it would be a big help....Thanks
  12. by   ylwbtrfly84

    I have heard that it is good to purchase an NCLEX review book. I plan on purchasing either the Saunder's NCLEX review or Prentice Hall NCLEX review and begin practice questions on day 1. Will you be attending the Day RN program?

  13. by   carebear15
    No... the Jan 2011 class was filled up, so I was accepted into the August 2011 start day. Its such a long time from now so Im kind of nervous. For some reason i feel like I am going to forget everything i learned so far. So the plan is to do all that i can to prepare myself for day one (nine months from now )

    But thanks for the book suggestion
  14. by   jburton7
    Hey I am starting in January 2011 email me at!