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Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people... Read More

  1. by   Tricia328
    Hey Sambreen!

    Congrats on your first TEAS attempt! You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Take it again and you will be fine. I scoured last year's class' gpa/teas scores and a bunch of people got in with 3.7-3.8 gpas and your range of TEAS scores. I am confused though, I was under the impression that you can take the entire TEAS exam over again as long as there is a month's time in between each test?

    I'll try to find out and report back. Also, you asked where I attended previously, and I was a student at Virginia Tech. I didn't finish my degree. Thanks for the good wishes for the classes! I hope I can pull it off and get in!

    It's so important that we stay positive! It will work out how it is supposed to. You sound like your application is competitive, so sometimes it helps to have an outsider's perspective about it! Once I have more "data" concerning my app, hopefully I can get some insight from you, too! EEK.
  2. by   Tricia328
    Also, I do know that the job market is tough for both seasoned nurses and new grads, but I know that many hospitals look favorably upon NVCC's nursing program. We will be fortunate if we are to be accepted into their program! And I hear you, I plan on doing what I have to do to get accepted, even if it means retaking critical classes. Life's a journey, right?
    Haha remind me of this come June when I am having hourly anxiety attacks.
  3. by   summer03
    Sambreen, I think you are in great shape. I am sure you will pass the English section of TEAS this time around now that you do not have to worry about the other sections and were so close last time anyhow. From my experience, I believe you are very competetive in all aspects of your application and would bet on you getting accepted. Good luck
  4. by   Sambreen
    Thank you both SO much for the words of encouragement. I don't know how I would've survived without this website and my fellow members
  5. by   summer03
    There are a bunch of hoops to jump through to get into NVCC, and once in, they are quite demanding and picky. However, they also make clear their expectations, teach and train you very well, and have an excellent relationship and reputation with medical facilities, primarily hospitals, around the area. I found it very easy to get a job. Inova anounced a relevant opening. I applied. Was immediately called for an interview. Was told the next day. Started work 2 weeks later. A ton of my classmates had the same experience. The days of recruiters seeking you out and hospitals offering signing bonuses are behind us, but I think my class had it easier than the classes immediately before us, and the next classes should find it easier still.
  6. by   Sambreen
    Soo I had totally typed up like 5 paragraphs, but it only posted the first two sentences

    But once again thanks guys

    Summer: Hearing that I'm in great shape from someone who has been through the program and found a great job gives me so much confidence! I have heard about how crazy strict the program is, but I think I need that. If I'm not put under uber pressure I'm afraid I won't get the most out of the program and won't make a good nurse. I was actually thinking about how there will (hopefully) be more job opportunities by 2015, but I'm definitely willing to move if need be. I've lived in the Alexandria, VA area for so long. I need to get out of here. & nursing is totally worth it all (retaking all my classes and moving if I have to)

    Tricia: I have my fingers seriously crossed tight for the two of us! It'll be so great to get into (& finish) the program with someone who I met wayyyy before starting the program You can do this! You're taking all your prereqs in one semester, so you can handle anything! As for the teas I'm pretty sure I can't take the math again I called the testing center twice, and I rechecked the teas pdf file on NOVA's site, they don't want you retaking passing scores & I don't want to upset the program by being a rebel lol. Well I'm hoping the 86 will cut it I am pretty sure if I just breathe and focus I can get 100 or a very high 90-score on the English next time. Once again, fingers crossed!
  7. by   summer03
    The NVCC nursing groups on FB can be a good source of information and support.

    I found out about the Inova opening from classmates posting on FB. Several were even interviewing the same time as me and then a whole bunch of us together in new employee orientation. It was like being back at MEC! Then, you sort of go your own way, but it is so good to have FB as a vehicle to compare notes and be there for each other.

    There really is a camraderie among nurses and I feel NVCC does a good job of encouraging that, too.
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  8. by   SaleishaRN
    Just out of curiosity, how many NVCC nursing students come into the program having already earned a degree? Did any of your classmates have previous BA/BS degrees or associate degrees in other fields, or did most students start the program with no prior college degree or credits (not including the pre-nursing prerequisites)?

    I've thought about NVCC - I know an older, non-traditional student who's currently in the program and I *think* she already has a BA/BS - but I didn't know if it was common or "unusual" to apply with a previous undergraduate (or GRADUATE, for some people) degree. I'm currently waiting to hear from GMU's ABSN program (at least 2.5 months to go....), and working on applications for 2 other ABSNs.
  9. by   Sambreen
    Summer: I think that's for the NVCC in CT, but I saw some for MEC. That's a brilliant idea! thanks so much

    Selisa: I know your question was directed towards Summer but from what I've seen/heard there are loads of people who have a BS/BA (or even Mater's) degree and apply for the NVCC RN program. Of course I don't know how many I don't think it's unusual at all, though. I applied to GMU as well! The traditional program. I am feeling rather hopeless about getting into their program though Good luck to you! If you wish you apply to NVCC and have the prereqs done it's still not to late to apply
  10. by   summer03
    Oops, wrong FB link. I am in the group for my class, naturally, and meant to give you the newer class(es).

    It seemed to me that my class fell mostly into 2 groups: the young ones pretty fresh out of high school and the more experienced, typically in their 40s. I think a number of the latter had other degrees. I was a 'tweener; in my early 30s, with another degree, but changing careers after not being in my first one all that long. All in all, I found my fellow students to be a nice group of people, and very open to differences in our backgrounds. Mostly female, not surprisingly.
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    Just a friendly reminder: per the allnurses Terms of Service (TOS), posting Facebook links in the forums is prohibited. You can post the title of the Facebook group so that others can search for it, but please do not post the link. Thanks!
  12. by   summer03
    I did not know, but it won't happen again. And to top it off, I posted the wrong link by mistake.
  13. by   Tricia328
    Are you still there, Sambreen? I check back but no one has written in a while.

    I am having one of those bouts of anxiety we talked about! Luckily it is almost March. We're getting there! My 8 week classes are almost done. Time to start thinking about TEAS. I am just getting more nervous as time goes by! Have you heard anything back from mason? Talk to ya soon!