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Anyone other MEPN applicants on here? I applied for fall '11 entry and was recently told the program coordinators were trying to decide whether to do interviews this year or not and it was still up... Read More

  1. by   hlu5
    no news :-(
  2. by   wannabefnp
    I was told via e-mail on 01/28 that we would hear by mid-February. I have heard nothing yet. I don't know if this is true or not but maybe anyone who has already heard from the program was from the post-bac program? Those applications were supposed to be guaranteed an interview but maybe since they are not doing interviews, those applicants were notified first? I don't know...I'm just trying to justify why someone would have heard already when so many others have not heard anything.
  3. by   StarofLifeRN
    Nothing here, either. No news isn't bad news, so at least we have that going for us right now.
  4. by   vls09
    wannabefnp: I agree about postbacs maybe finding out sooner. I wonder how that guaranteed interview part for postbacs worked out given that the MEPN program didn't have interviews this year.

    Still no news on my end either. I wasn't aware that mid-feb was the expected date, sounds like it could be any time in the next week or two; the only info I got was that decisions are made in january, sent out in february.

    At this point I would just be happy to get wait listed.
  5. by   wannabefnp
    vls09-was the person that you know who found out they were admitted in the post-bac program? How did they find out? Letter, call, e-mail?
  6. by   vls09
    Wannabe - no idea on most of that and I know they'd rather not have most of that stuff published in public for privacy reasons - it wouldn't be that hard to figure out who is who if/when we all matriculate in the summer or fall. I'll send you a private message.
  7. by   als224
    Nothing here either. Not as anxiously waiting anymore. When it gets here, it gets here- just hope its good news when it does!
  8. by   wannabefnp
    Thanks Vls09...got your pm.
    I think next week is our week. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   vls09
    I guess this wasn't the week.. I'm hopeful for next week!
  10. by   silentsiren4
    I know I cannot wait to hear back .... ugghhh good luck to everyone!
  11. by   vls09
    Haven't heard anything yet; tomorrow is Feb 15th so we've now got two weeks left in the month.

    I did notice some minor aesthetic changes to the MEPN website, although I expect more changes this spring with the DNP requirement for new NP's effective in 2015 and the MEPN being a 3 year program.

    The FAQ reflects some new changes but it still says that interviews are required for admission and only the "top 30%" will be initially contacted for an interview. I sure hope that isn't true!
  12. by   StarofLifeRN
    The suspense is driving me crazy! My family has a pact not to let me know if an envelope arrives until after I get home from work. Apparently they are afraid I'll ask them to open it and potentially have to deliver bad news. Although I think my daughter is more afraid I'll get accepted. She keeps saying things like, "When Mom goes to nursing school and we're poor for the next few years..." Geez, how about, "If Mom goes to nursing school we're going to miss spending time with her for the next few years!" Yeah, right. ;-D
  13. by   vls09
    Last year decisions went out on Feb 11th and there was a status update posted on the MEPN website once decisions were made. So, I keep checking the website, but nothing so far. I don't want to call the office to ask because that seems counterproductive if they are this busy. Given that last year they didn't use the CAS and they did conduct interviews, I guess we can't really go by anything that happened last year in forming our expectations.