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First of all, I don't know where to put this thread. Anyway, I would like to ask you guys if you have received the license in an ID form (meaning hardbound w/ picture). Just today, I have... Read More

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    Since the actual, physical license that is issued by the state is no longer considered an adequate, valid means of verifying licensure, a growing number of states have stopped issuing paper or plastic licenses at all (although most offer a certificate suitable for framing if you want to be able to hang something on the wall). Employers will need to verify your licensure through the BON website, so there's really no need for an actual license that you can carry around. I haven't needed a paper license in many years (and my state quit issuing them completely several years ago).

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    Take a polaroid of yourself and paste it to the darn thing.......
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    I'm really showing my age with that polaroid comment.......
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    I LUVermont, too! I hope to move there when I graduate from nursing school this spring. I hope there will be some jobs there for new grads. I've been on the west coast for quite a few years and I can't wait to move back.

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