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Hi...I'm new to this forum and have just been accepted into the Vermont Tech LPN program....and would like to network with other northern vermont students if you are out there. I'll be in the... Read More

  1. by   dalgal
    Hey, I'm not a southern belle...but a midwest girl...I've lived in Florida, Utah and Georgia but really feel at home here in Vermont. That's pretty sad that you weren't encouraged when you mentioned nursing...I think men are really suited to it -- but I guess it's the same with a lot of professions...put a bunch of women in it and it's then a female profession! Guess you probably don't have a lot of women in manufacturing?
    Dalgal is actually Delta air lines - gal.... I just retired from Delta in August. This is career number 2 for I was with them for more than 18 years. Yep, you'll bring down the pass rate in bennington, I'll lower it in Newport...the state will lose it's funding...all hell will break loose! I'm going to go for the LPN then RN right after. Is the Bennington program the same with 9 months to LPN and another 2 semesters to RN? Seems to make sense to just keep plugging away and get the RN. I have a B.A. in an unrelated (and apparently useless) field and was able to transfer some things but still won't have a B.S.N. but I'm o.k. with that! A chef, huh? We have taken the batteries out of our smoke detectors because of my cooking! I love it...but...luckily my family is easily amused and easily pleased!
    Well, I'm working on the digestion system so I better go...
    When will you find out when you're in? You told me but I am braindead...