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Hi...I'm new to this forum and have just been accepted into the Vermont Tech LPN program....and would like to network with other northern vermont students if you are out there. I'll be in the... Read More

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    I have kids so the early morning is my alone time. If I find the exact website, I'll let you know. Good luck! If you and Brandy have to take Human Growth & Dev...I'm taking it online through CCV so maybe I'll see you there! For the Newport site, all of the prereqs and coreqs need to be completed because it's a mini site.--nursing classes only. Sharon

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    I think Bennington is a mini-site also.
    Regarding your online classes, do you have to be online at a certain time, like when the class actually starts or can you go "into class" at 1AM or whenever??
    I also wonder if I (probably) need to take say, A&P at CCV, if classes at VTC are scheduled not to "interfere" with CCV's class times?? Since they are both under the Vt college system.

    As they say in Bahston,


    PS Brandy was going to do a same day round trip....
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    Hey Mahk...I'm not sure about how the classes mesh as far as schedules go but I would assume that we are going to have a 4 day week, leaving a day for other classes. I highly highly recommend the online version of everything...I'm in A&P2, Nutrition, and Mathematical Concepts right now all online through CCV--it's great if you are good at working lectures, and good at time management. There is no specific time to log in and no minimum amount of time for most things but most require an attendance of sorts by having you post on the discussion boards from time to time each week. There are due dates for labs, quizzes, exams, etc...but you can do it on whatever day is most convenient for you. If you can knock out A&P this summer, I would absolutely do it because it will free up some time for you to concentrate on the nursing stuff. Did you find the VSAC info?
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    I agree with you in regards to taking A&P before starting, that's what I meant earlier in regards to getting a "conditional acceptance" in that they may require I take A&P or Algebra to get back up to speed. Know what I mean??

    CCV's summer classes will be posted March 9th or thereabouts. We shall see.

    I have made the appointment to take the placement exam, that would be the last of my application requirements.

    If you lived in New York City you would say,

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    Hey Maaaarrrrk (how they say it in Georgia)
    Hey the friend do I do it exactly? I checked your name and hit that it? By the way, did you know that your Bennington site has a 100%pass rate on the NCLEX? That sounds great! Can I ask why your user name is needchangeofpace? What did you do before? And have you heard from Brandytab?
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    Are you a Southern Belle??
    A long time ago in an another Island Nation (Nantucket), there was this Southern Belle from Atlanta, that when she spoke just turned me into putty......(sigh)...but that's another thread.

    Reason for Nickname. I wanted to be a nurse in High School, but in the late 60's, early 70's it just wasn't an accepted profession for Men. My guidance counselor wanted me to undergo therapy for even mentioning it.
    So, I went to Culinary School and became a Chef from '75-'96. As a chef I got to work where I wanted, Boston, Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Florida and the Bahamas (15 years).

    I got out of the Restaurant Biz in 96, since then I have....worked for ATT as Directory Assistance Operator, Lowes, Auto Sales and now I work in Manufacturing. The manufacturing job is the 1st job that I have ever had that is M-F.

    So I am pursuing the Nursing career finally ( I hope) we shall see how it shakes out.

    No I have not heard from Brandy, I have looked at newspapers in her area to see if her name popped up, if in fact Brandy is her real first name.

    You must have 15 posts by now..? so I could send you a Private message if need be.

    100% NCLEX pass rate is pretty good, I hope that if and when accepted I don't skew the average.
    Are you going for RN or LPN? LPN here as it would give a good foundation towards RN, I am older than you by about 25% so I don't have time that you have.


    PS and dalgal nickname is? 1st 3 initials of other half and you? or your from Dallas, TX or........
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    Hey, I'm not a southern belle...but a midwest girl...I've lived in Florida, Utah and Georgia but really feel at home here in Vermont. That's pretty sad that you weren't encouraged when you mentioned nursing...I think men are really suited to it -- but I guess it's the same with a lot of professions...put a bunch of women in it and it's then a female profession! Guess you probably don't have a lot of women in manufacturing?
    Dalgal is actually Delta air lines - gal.... I just retired from Delta in August. This is career number 2 for I was with them for more than 18 years. Yep, you'll bring down the pass rate in bennington, I'll lower it in Newport...the state will lose it's funding...all hell will break loose! I'm going to go for the LPN then RN right after. Is the Bennington program the same with 9 months to LPN and another 2 semesters to RN? Seems to make sense to just keep plugging away and get the RN. I have a B.A. in an unrelated (and apparently useless) field and was able to transfer some things but still won't have a B.S.N. but I'm o.k. with that! A chef, huh? We have taken the batteries out of our smoke detectors because of my cooking! I love it...but...luckily my family is easily amused and easily pleased!
    Well, I'm working on the digestion system so I better go...
    When will you find out when you're in? You told me but I am braindead...

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