Weber State VS DATC

  1. I was just accepted into both Weber State University and DATC nursing programs. I'm having a hard time making my decision between the two. Anyone have any advice as to why I should pick one over the other? Thank you!
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  3. by   sirk229por
    I had this exact same dilemma. I chose to attend DATC for the following reasons.

    It is cheaper. Tuition is only around 900-1200 dollars a semester for the first two semesters before the Weber RN program starts
    It is faster. I started in August and graduated the next December. I graduated 4-5 months ahead of the people who started the Weber program at the same time (due to going to school during the summer).
    The faculty is GREAT! Seriously one of the best parts of the program.
    You are with the same peers throughout the program and because it is a smaller campus the class is more close-knit. I knew every person I graduated with.
    You have more clinical hours. I had more clinical hours than my friends that went to Weber State for the LPN year. I think that this really helped!

    I was able to start the Weber BSN program immediately after graduating with my RN.

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. by   samster10
    Thank you SO much!! I did end up choosing DATC and I am so glad I did. Your response makes me even more confident in my decision I too am planning on starting the BSN program immediately after I graduate... if I'm not too burned out by then! I start in one week. Thanks again!