UVU rn to bsn program

  1. hi! anybody here who's been accepted to the UVU rn to bsn program? I'm applying for the fall 2010 program but i'm a bit confused with the pre-reqs as well as the new curriculum. i spoke to the advisor and she said that if i meet all the pre-reqs, i might finish it in 2 semesters but what about the additional upper GE division classes? It's kinda confusing.

    Hoping I could meet someone here who's made it into the bridge program and can help me clarify things.
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  3. by   tfleuter
    I am at UVU, but only in the second semester of the BSN program. From what I can tell from the website, you will need to complete a total of 40 upper division general education credits for the bach degree. 30 of these credits will be taken care by your nursing classes, so you only need to satisfy 10 more. These classes must be 3000 level or above. Patho, which is required as a co-req will take care of 4 of the credits. The 2 nursing elective classes you must take will also take care of 4 credits, so that leaves 2 credits left that you must complete. I think you can simply take another nursing elective class for 2 credits, they usually offer 2 nursing elective courses each semester and 1 during each summer block. Otherwise, you'll have to sign up for another 3000 or above class.

    Not sure if this helps, but good luck!
  4. by   orangepink
    oh thanks! how's the admission process in UVU? Is there an interview process? Should I include a personal essay when I mail my application? In my case, I'm already an RN. I'm just looking to advance my degree to BSN.
  5. by   tfleuter
    As far as I know, there is no interview process and an essay is not required. You will need to send in 2 letters of reference (nursing supervisors or previous nursing instructors from your ASN degree) along with your official transcripts. There is no set number of accepted applicants each semester, since space availabe is dependent on how many students choose to exit early out of the program for the ADN instead of the BSN. With that being the case, I'm not sure how competitive it is to get in, but I do know that the decision is based on 70% gpa from your pre-reqs and associate nursing classes and 30% on your 2 reference letters.

    This link will provide with all the info you need to apply for the RN to BSN program, in case you haven't seen it yet: http://uvu.edu/csh/nursing/pdf/ADVAN...RY_RNtoBSN.pdf

    Good luck!