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  1. I'm about to graduate from an ADN program down in New Mexico, and have just applied to UofU for a nursing position. Anyone out there have any details/pros/cons for working at that hospital? Also, if anyone has any apartment rental suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. On a lighter note...I really want to ski, can anyone recommend a nearby mountain/resort? Any information is welcome, thanks!
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  3. by   LHJ_RN
    I have worked at the Uof U hospital for the last 12years. LOVE IT!
    They are currently undergoing a huge renovation that should be done, either next fall, or early 2009. The U is a great place to work. We are a large teaching facility, we have the Med school, Nursing school, pharm, PA school all here and training. THere are always new and cutting edge treatments being done. We will get patients flown in from all over: Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, four corners area, etc.
    Moab is a 3.5hr drive south of SLC, Yellowstone is about 4hrs drive north.
    Skiing- haha! from SLC you can be on the slopes within 30 minutes, easy!
    I work in the PACU at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, which is part of the University Health Care system
    Welcome and congrats to you!

    PS- working fulltime at the U will enable you to get half price tuition here at the University. So if you want to continue on for your BSN, you can apply to the College of Nursing for the RN to BSN program. This is 4 semesters of class 1-2 days a week, with most classwork being conducted online. There is a clinical hour requirement at the end but you only put in 120hrs, as compared to the 240hrs the undergrads have to do. That is how I got my BSN and it was a great program!
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  4. by   lovegasRN
    I also work at the U, what dept will you be in? I agree with above. It is a great hospital to work in. You will definitely learn alot. As far as ski resorts, there is Snowbird and Alta View and Solitude up the Cottonwood Canyons. If you don't like to be out there with snowboarders than Alta View is for you, they don't allow them and therefore are alot less crowded then the other two. In Park City which would also be about a 30 - 40 minute drive there is Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley and Sundance. Hope that helps.