Salt Lake Community College Spring 2013

  1. Spring 2013 is the first cohort for applicants accepted under SLCC's new competitive entry process!

    Did you get accepted (or not)? What was your GPA? Hesi A2 scores?

    Did you have points in other areas (additional classes completed, CNA experience, etc)?

    Share your experience in the application process here. Because the change to the competitive entry process is so new, there's no historical data for other pre-nursing students to figure out how likely they are to be admitted. Share a little, learn a little, maybe meet some of your upcoming cohort!
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  4. by   joyschmoy
    I am applying for the next cycle, hopefully getting accepted for the Fall 2015. I am taking my las pre requisite Physiology this semester. As stated above, I would like to hear any information about the SLCC program. I am also planning on applying to the U program as well. But I really screwed up my transcript. My sophomore year at the U, I was taking pre req course but was also partying and was not take school very seriously. I ended up with C's or lower in all classes, I have since retaken many courses and have gotten All A's with one B+. Does anyone know if these will hurt my chances of getting into either program? any help would be much appreciated.