Question for those who went to Ameritech College

  1. Just registered today on the forum, but I have been doing a lot of reading here for the past couple of months. I am looking for those who went to and completed the RN program at Ameritech in Draper, UT.

    As you know the school is expensive, I am just wondering for those that went there if it was easy to obtain enough student loans to pay for it. The cost of the school is more than one can take in federal student loans. I cannot get a grant since I already have a Bachelor's degree. They tell me they use alternate student loans in addition to the federal loans such as sallie may, etc? For those that actually went there or attempted to did you run into any problems with the financing?

    I know there are some who don't care for Ameritech but for me it sounds good. I have done my homework and talked with the state nursing board. I am confident it is a good education. I am just a bit worried about the financing.


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  3. by   UtahJay
    I got no responses but I figure I could contribute an answer for those looking into this option. I decided to go ahead and enroll after much thought and research. The total cost came to 49k and some change. Very expensive indeed. I already have a BA degree but could not transfer any credits as all of mine are over 5 years old. So I have to redo some of the generals.

    I talked to financial aid. Basically I can only get 25k in federal student loans. The school more or less gives you the name of 2 banks and tells you to obtain the remainder 24k on your own if you want to attend. Needless to say, I have changed my mind and will not be attending school there now.
  4. by   tfleuter
    I don't blame you one bit. May I ask what made you consider Ameritech in the first place? Maybe knowing what your needs are will help someone here identify another school that would be suitable for your situation?
  5. by   robthepally
    I am currently a 5th semester student at Ameritech and I love the program. It is very time consuming but a good education. I transferred about 10k worth of credits so I end up paying 40k for my program and had about 10k off in grants. I figured since it was an 18 month program, I will have about 6 months time working as an RN that i wouldnt have if I went elsewhere. I can make that money back and then some that I would save by going elsewhere. If i were to go anywhere else it would be a state school like SLCC, UVU, Weber, or something like that. They are cheaper and still give good educations.