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I am interested in getting my nursing degree with a private college like Ameritech or Utah Career College. I have heard from several people that students from these schools are having a hard time... Read More

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    Ameritech is now NLNAC accredited but their program sucks! I graduated from there and when they say they have a high NCLEX pass rate it if because they don't allow half the people to sit and take it. I did pass the NCLEX on my first attempt but I do not feel Ameritech is a good college. They only care about the money
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    Thanks for your honesty, nursingstudent.

    I am trying to get into Stevens-Henegar college for RN because I feel it has a better rep out of Broadview, Ameritech, Fortis. There is also one I checked out, called Nightingale School of Nursing in Ogden, but it is brand new... so I'm going with SHC.

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