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I am interested in getting my nursing degree with a private college like Ameritech or Utah Career College. I have heard from several people that students from these schools are having a hard time... Read More

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    Frankly, six times retaking a class raises the eyebrows a little, IMHO. I can see having a bumpy semester once, but if it takes you six times to pass A&P, Chem or Patho for example, it makes me wonder how that student will fare in actual nursing classes, where you only can take them once. At the DATC, for example, if you get below an 80% on your tests, that's it. Out. So I think UVU's decision to allow students to retake the classes only once is a very good thing. It helps them see who can really handle the program.

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    I completely agree. I personally feel like if you have to take a class more than 3 times to get an A in it, you don't really didn't do "A" work in the first place or shown mastery in the subject. May ruffle some feathers with that, but just how I see it.
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    Ruffle feathers? I think it's completely justified. They give A's for a reason. And, honestly, nurses have it a titch easier when it comes to retaking classes than doctors. If you retake a pre-med class, med schools simply don't count your re-take grade, but they average the two together.
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    I dont know where people are getting their info, last semesters pass rates were 96% and this semester is 95%. I dont know where people are getting 30 or 60%. Ameritech has come a long way over even the last year, and accreditation is only a matter of time, its a long process. I graduated from Ameritech and would recommend it to anyone looking to get in and out of school without being on a waiting list FOREVER! I had my preceptor and other nurses that I would work with in clinicals tell me that they were totally impressed by the students and that I was the best student they had ever worked with. Being a good nurse doesnt depend on the school you go to, being a good nurse means putting in all the time and effort to study hard and learn the stuff! Also credits will transfer to different schools, not all but there are quite a few options if you want to go further.
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    Utah_Nurse1, thanks for clearing that up. I think sometimes people have a tendency to bad mouth private colleges because of the price and because of the lack of some accreditation. I work with some nursing students going through the Stephens-Henager program, for example, and a common complain is accreditation and the exorbitant price.

    However, I think if the NCLEX pass rates are good, it should be a serious option to consider. It also depends on what your long term goals are, such as whether or not you want to get your Bachelor's, have the option to get a Master's some day, etc.
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    Again I think that someone should be careful with Ameritech. They are on probation and are under the microscope by the Utah Department of liscening and the NLNAC. While they are improving, they are still below the national average with the NCLEX exams(This is right from the DOPL website). Until Feb, their pass rate for the NCLEX-RN(not LPN) was extremely low. For 2008 the NCLEX RN pass rate was, in fact, just 60%(again from the DOPL website) I personally left Ameritech because of a number of issues I found there. I know for a fact that I would have passed the NCLEX there, but it would not have been because of a focused and positive educational experience. I personally had conversations with BOTH the NLNAC and DOPL that were less than positive. Furthermore, when I had instructors at the school urging me to leave, that told me alot. I hate to be negative, but I think that people need to see all sides of the issue. I am sure the program works for some, and I applaud those that went through the program and I am excited that they have done well. To those that are considering any private colleges, crunch the numbers, an extra year wait and you will have far less debt and the ability to go on in your schooling if you choose.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.
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    Also, a lot of schools don't have waiting lists, such as Weber State, Davis Applied Technology College (where I'm going) and Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. They are all great programs, and select via a point-based system. Plus, the tuition cost, and the great amount of grant money they give you, makes it much less of a hit on the ol' pocketbook.
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    There is a private school in South Jordan with a BSN program. They are called university of southern nevada. they're accepting applications and the counselor told me that they do not have a waitlist for the Spring 2010 class.
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    Yeah, I got that e-mail about the new program from University of Southern Nevada. I'm a little skeptical about it, frankly. For one, it's $30,000 a year, so you're looking at $60,000+ debt once you have your RN. They state that they can get you a BSN in 18 months. That would be realistic if it were simply an RN-to-BSN program, which typically takes that long. But they're proposing that you'll go from prerequisites to BSN in 18 months. Every RN program I know takes a minimum of four semesters, or 1 1/2 to 2 years to just get your RN. Plus, they require you to get 90% on every test. Not that that's not doable, but it'd be challenging to get that on EVERY test. And if you have a super compressed time frame (squeezing 3 years of school into 18 months), plus clinicals, that sounds really, really grueling.

    Seems a little fishy to me. If you're going the private college route, I'd go with Westminster, Utah Career or Provo College. I know sometimes you get antsy to get into a nursing program, but as a current nursing student (at DATC), trust me, going the regular four-semester RN route is challenging enough. But, to each their own.
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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"] I am currently in the nursing program at Fortis College in Salt Lake City. It's an associates in nursing program. I am actually in the first nursing class ever at this location, but they have had nursing programs on the east coast for decades. This school is pretty inexpensive compared to the other private schools out there. And the waiting list is pretty short. PLUS you dont need to be a CNA to be accepted!!
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