Looking to move to Utah. Help, I need Info!

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    My wife and I are looking to relocate our family to Utah, either the Salt Lake or Utah County area. I hope that those fellow Nurses in Utah could help with information on salaries and locations to work. I am an experianced ER nurse from Southern California. I am an RN with my BSN and MICN, as well as TNCC. I am currently the lead Charge Nurse in a 21 bed community hospital ER. We have grown tired of the high costs of living and ever increasing problems California has to offer. Any information would be appreciated. I hope to be able to make an impact in the health of Utahns in the future. Thank You.

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    Hey there, I don't know exact numbers but the pay is quite a bit lower out here...but so is the cost of living. As far as having a BSN some hospitals will pay more for it, for others the pay is the same for all RNs. Do some research. We are building a huge new level 1 trauma hospital in the Salt Lake valley that will open this October, that may interest you. I hope this helps, and the best of luck to you.
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    I have a friend moving to utah. she is crazy for the mountains. just wandering are there a lot of minority nurses out there?
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    I work for Legacy staffing..they pay the very best for ER RN's and I love it.
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