IHC nursing program

  1. I was talking to an old friend I used to work with the other day, and he was telling me about a nursing program with, I think, IHC. He was saying that he heard that they have a program where they would basically pay for you to go to school and earn your RN, but you have to sign a contract or something to work exclusively for them for a certain number of years.

    I don't know if what he was saying is true or not, but if anyone has any information about this, or any programs similar to it, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   krazy_coconuts
    Yes, IHC does have a nursing program. It is completely paid for (minus the books) and you have to commit to two years in the urban central region (IMC, Alta View, LDS or TOSH) when you are finished. Its a good program that goes through the Salt Lake Community College curriculum, but its very competitive like everything else.
    You also have to work for IHC a minumum of 24 hours a week during school, but the good thing is the program is divided into 6 semesters with only 2 classes per semester, so working is doable. The program is two years long and it goes through the summers.
    I'm not in that program, but I've worked with many people that have gone through, and they have seemed to be happy with it...as happy as you can be with nursing school.:icon_roll
    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   UtahTNCCRN
    I've heard that University of Utah is starting an ADN program as well. I have been told that they are paying for books as well. It sounds pretty much like the same program where you work 24 hours /wk have a great class experince then you would work for the U for 2 years. Then if you want you can get your BSN totally on-line through the college of nursing. As an employee I know that if you work for 6 months you can get half off your tuition, that saves a few bucks. Oh and at this point I've heard there is no waiting list. Good luck in your search.