Dixie State's Nursing Program

  1. I am looking to go to Dixie State and am curious as too what you think of their Nursing Program. I went and talked with one of their supervisors and to what they told me I am very fond of their program. Has anyone gone through it? Did you like it? if not what have you heard about it?
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  3. by   TonkaTruck
    hey I have been looking at going into to it too, i've heard that they have a very high passing rate but it I haven't found too much feedback yet in these forums
  4. by   ERGirl83
    They have a great program, but there's a lot of hoop jumping to get in (though it's not much different up here in northern/central Utah, either). When we lived in St George, you had to have your CNA prior to being able to apply, then you had to get your LPN, then your RN, it was a big pain, though they may have changed it since we moved back up here in the past 2 years...

    They are currently in talks with University of Utah, to merge with them and become the "University of Utah, St George," which I would guess would bring some changes to their program as well, so that would be soemthing to consider/ask about if you aren't planning to go right away!
  5. by   mohavestudent
    I am not a Dixie student, but we share the same hospital for clinicals. I'm actually a Mohave student (across the Arizona border). I CAN tell you though that Dixie really does have a good program. They have a high pass rate. What's nice about their program is that they start twice a year, so you have more options and a better chance to get in. I go to Mohave, and I've loved it. It's a lot smaller - they only let 24 students in a year, but it's a great program. Mohave lends itself to people who work and go to school, which is nice. I know that all of these programs in this area have their kinks, Dixie, SUU and Mohave...but I think you are going to find that no matter where you go.
    I have known several people that have gone through Dixie's program, and they have all liked it.
    Good luck on what you decide!