DATC anyone?

  1. Looking for anyone currently going or getting ready to go. My cohort starts August 27th, I am excited and nervous to be finally starting the LPN program, and then continuing with the LPN to RN bridge through Weber!
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  3. by   dancingostrich
    I am starting with you! I was on the alternate list and actually just found out last week. So its kind of overwhelming with all the things I need to do in such a short amount of time.
  4. by   moabgirlie
    Way to go!!! Just take things one step at a time, I did my immunizations at the health department, got my books on amazon, and I did my CPR at a local cna school.
  5. by   dancingostrich
    Becky told me that the cpr has to be through american heart, but I didn't see anything in the packet about that. Did they mention anything in the orientation about it? I have mine through the red cross so if I can get away with that for even just the fact of turning everything in(they have me an extension) im all for it.
  6. by   moabgirlie
    The concern is that you can get a CPR card online and its not American Heart Association certified. Just make sure you have a CPR card that is good through school ending, and says American Heart Association on it. Email Becky with the info you have, and the expiration date and she can verify. :-)

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