Anyone in the Vernal area?

  1. 0 HI!
    We are potentially moving to Vernal in a week....yeah I wish i had more time than that. :icon_roll
    Anyway, I am thinking about going back to work as an LPN (Ive been at home with my son) ...and am hoping to graduate from EC with an ADN in about a year.
    Any recommendations for places to work? Id love to work in a hospital type setting, but my experience is in retirement - which I also loved.
    Tell me about Vernal! ..Ive only been there twice!!

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    I live in western wyoming but ive been to vernal quite a bit. I love it there...Acutally im consider moving there because my boyfriend works on a rig close to there. The people are nice and the scenery is great. I know dirtbikng is popular up there also. Anyway im not sure about the hospital there or if there even is one close but you might want to consider driving. Our hospital in evanston is ALWAYS hiring lpns, cnas, and RNs but im not sure how far it is for you. Good luck, if u have any other questions please ask!

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    Hey again
    we definetly moved to Vernal, but I havent gotten through all the paperwork there I thought I would ...
    I guess there is a hosp here - 32 beds or something, and another 30 min away in Roosevelt.
    You're right - it is beautiful here, and we're just getting into offroading - this is the perfect place.

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